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Psychic Power Developer | How To Activate the 3rd Eye

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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Activating the 3rd eye can have many beneficial uses within the divination practice. If you are gravitating towards the world of insight and you have found this blog, then this is your sign to start your divination journey! The word “psychic” is Greek and means “of the mind” - these abilities are a natural part of the human mind. All humans can develop ESP skills, they are however dormant within most of us. The dormant ability to cultivate psychic talents like clairvoyance, precognition and supernatural powers is within you and you can access it through meditation, frequency and divination exercises.

Meditation pose

Meditation, Chant & Incantation

Guided meditations can be useful for psychic development due to the spoken voice invoking imagination. When you follow a guided meditation you are using the pineal gland to guide you. You automatically start to focus using inner insight: your 3rd eye. Following a guided meditation to boost psychic abilities will be the best for the job. They are plentiful on Youtube, choose one that you vibe with.

Tuning in to your 3rd eye daily, through personal meditation and quiet contemplation is essential. Your pineal gland is like any other muscle in your bodies, it needs exercise to keep it open and active. It is best to do a 5 minute meditation in the morning every day than a 3 hour meditation every week. A simple contemplative meditation for you to do is to sit in a comfortable position in a quiet and undisturbed area. Start by concentrating on your breath: inhale / exhale for at least 30 seconds. Then progress to slowing each breath down, shutting out any external noises and inner random thoughts. Once you have reached this state, draw your attention to your 3rd eye and envisage your 3rd eye as a glowing white ball, circling energy around and around the pineal gland, begin to change its colour. You're the decider as to where the colour ends. You may go through many colours until you decide on one that is most comfortable and most potent to you. Once you have landed on your signature 3rd eye colour, shoot the coloured energy into the ether through energetic strands shooting from your 3rd eye upwards into the sky. You will then feel a deep connection with your higher self and you are now ready to communicate with either your guardian angels or allocated divine beings or energies that are there to help you. Ask your question - receive answers.

You may also use chant and incantation to deepen your meditation. Below is a recommended chant for developing intuition.

There are many mantras/chants in existence but this one is by far the best one to recite for psychic development. The mantra is Trikal Gyan, which represents the knowledge of the past, the present and future

Trikal Gyan

-Om Ham Namo Akash Deyava

recite it 108 times in the morning, afternoon or night.

Audio Activation Practice
Sound Healing

Audio Activation Practice

Through the audio activation process, you can unlock your inner power and gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your gift and well-being. Healing frequencies and sound alchemy can help you increase your intuition and gain clarity of your life path. It is the most powerful tool you can ever practice with in the main access point into growing your psychic gift. Most people are already connected to their higher dimensional self, soul family connections and guided energies. It's during these targeted spiritual connections we are able to seek clarification and insights into ours and others future, wellbeing and life. Frequencies are a way to focus upon the divination energies of primordial existence. Tuning into specific frequencies uses the power of 'entrainment' and 'periodicity'. These two aspects of sound healing/alchemy can be very potent. Please click on each word for further explanation regarding these. Entrainment and periodicity is responsible for a persons energy field being in balance and at harmony with its surroundings, both in physical matter and spiritual matter. When we tune into specific frequencies directed for psychic development we use the process of entrainment and periodicity subconsciously. Our higher self takes over and targets the frequency that you are listening to and sends it to its chosen area. In this case: your psychic ability area of your akashic records. The akashic records is where everything is stored that you've learnt in all of your lifetimes and also things that still need to learn. This whole process is almost instantaneous once you listen to targeted frequencies for psychic development.


89hz: increases spiritual power

639hz: manifests spiritual connections

720hz: 3rd eye enhancer

852hz: 3rd eye activator

999hz: connects you with higher dimensional help

Sun Gazing & Crystal Cleansing

Sun Gazing Crystals
Crystal Sun Gazing

Divination through gazing in and around the sun has been long used by our ancestors throughout history as part of spiritual and religious practice at dawn or dusk. When sun gazing you are harnessing the healing energy of the suns frequencies. It energises the mind, spirit and body. The sun is the main source of energising energy into existence. It has deep roots with meditation and psychic development. Harnessing the suns energy can help with diverting your divination calls to your higher self. Like a prism, it bounces light/energy to the closest surface that is attracting the light. In this case this will be our higher selves. Sun gazing increases the ability to connect with your higher self, thus increasing your psychic abilities through the communication that you have paved with your higher self and dedicated soul family members/guardian angels. To increase this connection even more it is best to surround yourself with clear quartz or kyanite when sun gazing. This will also cleanse your crystals, harnessing its energies for later use.

Please note: it can be dangerous to look directly in the sun for prolonged periods of time. Make sure you are sun gazing at sunrise or sunset for no longer that 5-8 minutes and gaze around the sun not directly into it.

Divination tools

Pick Your Divination Tool

There are many different types of divination tools. Choosing the one that is right for you is key in your psychic development journey. Try a few that you are most drawn too and through the process of elimination choose the one you connect with the most that you get more success from.


A good way to train intuition is to work with Tarot cards. Get a deck, learn the symbols and archetypes that the cards represent. Spread them out face down, ask a question then let your mind go completely empty and pick three cards. It's very important to empty your mind, because otherwise your Ego will interfere, and ones intuition cannot get past the ego barrier. When you learn to empty your mind perfectly, you will notice an increase in synchronicity and an uncanny ability to obtain accurate answers to your questions. Intuition will become much more powerful when the ego is out of its way, because the ego is a very strong obstacle that prevents it from manifesting in ones day to day activities, as well as during divination. Meditation is the best way to attain the skill of emptiness, and focussing on your third eye will definitely access your psychic abilities.

Spells and Rituals

When you partake in a divination ritual you allow your being to enter into a psychic vibration of deep wisdom. Psychic spells that open your third eye, and increase your psychic ability that connects you to your intuition are plentiful on the internet, find one you vibe with or you can follow our recommended spell below...

Tea Divination & Candle Spell

To a cup of just-brewed hot tea, add a teaspoon of sugar along with a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon. These spices will enhance your psychic awareness. As you drink, chant: "Spiced tea, magic tea. Magic please speak to me." Light some sandalwood incense, an orange candle to promote psychic awareness, and a purple candle to open your mind to messages. Hold the tea to your nose and breathe. Open your senses. As you breathe deeply, your hands begin to tingle. Drink the tea, savoring its flavor and sensation as it moves through your body. Feel its magical energies fill you. When you are finished drinking, put your cup down and listen. When the incense is done burning, breathe deeply. Extinguish the candles and thank the spirits for their magic. -Spell by Llewellyn

Tea leaf Readings

Pour some hot herbal tea using loose leaves, preferably ones you have picked yourself (shop bought will be ok as long as its sustainably sourced

) Strain the tea into a separate cup, leaving the tealeaves at the bottom of the cup. There are many ways to read tea leaves, but we recommend using the back end of the handle of a teaspoon to carb out symbols. Spend time asking your higher self the chosen question you are seeking the answer for. Using your intuition allow your pineal gland to guide your hand to carve out simple symbols in the tea leaves. Once you feel the message has been given, read the tea leaves and its messaged by using your own insight to interpret the symbols. using the type of divination can be used as an exercise to increase your psychic abilities.

Ruins and Alchemy Symbols

Alchemy symbols are essentially symbols you've created through psychic insight. This can be done using the above tea leaf reading exercise or any means that connects with you the most. This could be sand, grains, rice, flowers, seeds, or simply putting pen to paper.

Ruins are the symbols that are then carved onto a medium such as wood, metal, glass etc...

You can buy already etched ruins and alchemic symbols, but it is more more potent to create your own when using them for psychic insight or development.

Light Language

Light language is a higher frequency multidimensional language of light that works directly with your body's own vibration frequencies, energy body, heart centre and DNA. Using a medium of your choice: voice, hand symbols, art, music etc. Find your vibe and use light language to ask and develop your psychic abilities. Light language is essentially a language all energetic beings understand. it is believed the akashic records is written in light language so its worth getting to know your own form of light language tool whilst on the earth plane so you can easily dip in and out of your own spiritual records to aid the psychic development process with much more ease. Research the many ways light language can be interpreted and transmitted via google. Once you have found your light language style it will be like a light switched on and you will start to use it automatically when you are in the divination state.

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In Loving Resonance

Jasmine | Sound Energy Alchemist


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