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Bad Energy Removal Frequencies...Do They Really Work ?

Expel Evil Energy
Expel Evil Energy

Carrying negative energy within us is becoming more and more a part of what we have to fight through everyday, due to several factors wrong with our society and how we operate. Negative energy is growing at a faster rate more than it ever has done before. Too many factors such as our lifestyles, self image, societal pressure are a few reasons why...

According to Google Analytics there has been an significant increase of people searching online for ways to remove evil energy from all backgrounds, religions, geographical regions, age and ethnicity in the past 3 years. These findings are alarming and need to be addressed before evil wins the war over good - we are getting dangerously close to the equilibrium of Good Vs Evil- tipping the balance and ultimately loosing too evil energies. We have to continue to fight for positivity and the greater Good and keep disallowing evil energies to reside within us and around us.

Bad Energy Removal
Bad Energy Removal

What Are Bad Energy Removal Healing Frequencies ?

Frequency is one of the unexpected ways to remove negative energy from your being. Removing those bad vibes isn’t just a process of elimination, but you will also need to rebuild the root base making it a good conductor of positive energy, so that you will not regain that negative energy back if it threatens your life in the future. Music and frequency is one of the oldest methods to promote healing, peace, joy, calm and transformation. It can instantly change a person's mood, mindset, spiritual energy and physical condition. Each sound produced within music has its own vibration. We vibrate with different melodies, harmonies, timbre's depending on our intention or mood and the laws of entrainment state that we will all fall into sync of that vibration that is being sounded. The fundamental laws of nature work exactly the same way - everything falls into sync of the close proximity of a vibration. Once we allow ourselves to sync with a collection of positive frequencies we become aligned and great healing and transformation can occur.

Light Prism
Light Prism

Why Do So Many Claim Frequencies Can Remove Negative Energy ?

Expelling evil energy out of the body is claimed to be done mainly through sound alchemy, frequency and sound healing practitioners. It is claimed to help break spells and curses that you may feel that has been bestowed upon you. Helping to rid the body and soul of evil intent and negative energy, black magic, hexes, unwanted spells and curses. According to platforms such as Google Trends and Google Analytics, shows the alarming increase of research in this area of healing. Social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and TikTok have millions of comments claiming that frequency works for them, especially within the realm of clearing negative energy. Whilst these platforms are not a trustworthy way of research that is true to fact and efficacy. It still tells us that many have been positively impacted by such frequencies and the claims of the sound healer or music therapist. Like many things in research, findings mainly come from polls, studies and questionnaire's. Places like YouTube and Facebook is a great way to access those findings as these appear to the masses and is easily available to the public.

Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry

What Are The Signs Your Carrying Negative Energy ?

If your feel like your life is clouded by negative energy and difficult to see through the fog for brighter days. You may be experiencing a build-up of bad energy that needs to be expelled from your etheric system.

5 signs of negative build-up

  1. You feel unable to cope and feel overwhelmed with everyday things

  2. You criticise others and cause problems

  3. You feel the need to complain a lot

  4. You attract negative relationships with friendships and partners

  5. Your unable to remain positive

Life Force Transformation
Life Force Transformation

What Frequencies Do We Recommend ?

The 3 most potent frequencies for the specific removal of bad energies we recommend are:

99hz: removes evil energy

396hz: dissolves negative energy

999hz: a ritual purification process

Whilst we stand by the work we do, we do not agree that sound healing and using frequencies is the 'Heal All' way to a better life. There still has to be other ways in your life that you will need to work on and continue to work on. The greatest healing comes from a change in lifestyle and mindset not by playing a 5 minute frequency and your whole world would have been changed. We wish it worked this way, but it just doesn't. You have to commit to a lifetime of better choices and way of being. Sound healing works best alongside other practices holistic or scientific. But it can be an extremely important part of that healing process.

Other Ways to Cleanse Bad Energy

💎Place crystals in and around your home, especially near mirrors and windows to reflect light prisms.

`🕯´ Light candles to keep the circulation of positive energy flowing in your living or work space

Create a home altar for ritual and meditation purposes

Add mirrors to your space. Mirrors shift the energy flow in your home when it reflects something positive in your home.

🌿Add houseplants, houseplants are great for cleansing the air and increase feelings of well-being and create nurturing vibes in your space.

Salt the corners of each room - this will draw out bad vibes and cleanse the space.

🔔Ring a bell or gong - it releases negative energy and dispels it into the atmosphere and welcomes positive influence.

𓇖 Do a smudging ritual with Sage or Incense - burning dried sage can out negativity, cleanses and purifies.

🜁 Air everything out and Clear Clutter - open windows and doors, clean and air out your space regularly. Tidy on a regular basis and reduce clutter in the space.


We created a sound alchemy session based around 99hz, 396hz, 999hz for you that will help towards the removal of bad energy and expel evil out of the etheric body.

In Loving Resonance

Jasmine | Sound Energy Alchemist


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