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Jasmine is a female sound healer from the UK, her work has touched the souls of many. Join us in our journey together and grow your spiritual self through the use of Jasmine's sound healing sessions.

Jasmine Eden


BA Hons in Music  

specialising in Sound Healing

PGCE in Music  Education

specialising in Sound Healing


Jasmine Eden has always been gifted in music since an early age, she has always gravitated towards the spirituality of music and how resonance affects the human body. At the age of 21 she embarked on a journey that would allow her to follow what she believes as a calling. As a starseed of the universe, her mission is to bring harmony and unity with the earth and higher dimensions. Every sound healing composition that is published are a direct translation between higher realms and the intuitive skills of the sound healer. Very much guided by the angels and higher dimensional energies her compositions are purely from source, never anything less.

Jasmine's personal journey has been particularly tough, having to continually fight for peace. She feels these hard times she faced where already set for her on her spiritual path before birth and considers it a test of her character that she was able to overcome a lot of turmoil and find peace. Her intuition and angelic help have been second to none and now she feels it time to give back and help others in their journey.

Jasmine has 14 years providing sound alchemy / sound healing to to the public via Sound Energy Alchemist, 4 years experience of teaching sound healing within colleges and universities, as well as perform sound healing sessions to the public in the UK. Her other music works include experience within the film and music industry.

Jasmine plays a multitude of instruments:

Piano / Keyboards



Ney Flute


Crystal Singing Bowls

Tibetan Bowls

Shaman Drum

Tuning Forks




+Various New Age Instruments

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