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We are Stardust

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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience’ 

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

If we look back in time at the beginning of the universe, everything was pure energy in its primordial state, first emerged hydrogen atoms, then stardust, gravity, planets, the solar system, galaxies, our planet, life on earth, then human beings.


Hydrogen from the cosmos forms the water in our bodies, which was created billions of years ago during the Big Bang, this is important when looking into the cymatics of how the body reacts to vibration and sound. Using Einstein’s theory, we can calculate the amount of energy which is in everything. For example, with the energy which was necessary to create a human, this can easily be calculated by using his formula – m which is mass and multiply by c, the weight, the speed of light squared, will give E  – which is the amount of energy which composes the human being. However, we are not just a combination of atoms, we are also a consciousness of subdividing networks, each of which interconnect with our brainwave states – Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. We as human beings where pure energy at our origin and deeply connected with the universe and now we are a combination of atoms, with the power of awareness and a spiritual consciousness that is able to reach a greater connectivity with the cosmos. A part of our brains primordial muted consciousness (namely within the theta state and DNA activation), can be re-awakened through reconnecting with the universe’s pure energy source through music. By using consciousness evolution tools such as entrainment, periodicity and vibrational therapy we can become at one with the universe’s vibrationary force. As human being’s we all have individual journeys that has a deeper meaning within the grand scheme of the universe, finding our purpose can be a lifetime commitment, some never get there. A greater connectivity with the cosmos allows us as human beings too look inwards and reconnect with our true selves and purpose, due to the fact that we are the universe, we are energy, we are stardust. But also allows us to look outwards for a greater connection with ‘source energy’ through the ability to ‘raise our frequency’ into a much wider resonance that governs the multi-universe and alternate dimensions in hyperspace, therefore expanding our consciousness networks from earth. These complete polar opposites amount to the same rationale: expanding consciousness, fulfilling purpose and connecting with ‘source energy’.


“divine sound is the cause of all manifestation. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe” – Hazrat Inayat Khan


Everything is made of vibration: thoughts, physical matter, brainwaves, dna, spiritual awareness, spiritual matter, planets, the universe, the soul and our auric being. Everything derives from the same ‘stuff’ therefore everything connects to us and we interconnect with everything. By using the use of vibrational sound healing and specific frequencies upon our bodies we can entrain our primordial beings into waking existence. The use of binaural beats, entrainment, periodicity, frequency manipulation with a sacred geometrical frequency and rhythmic pattern that has a primordial Cymatic pattern, can entrain brainwave states, aid primordial DNA activation and promote meditative relaxation for self-healing and personal exploration.  


“Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach the final state of healing” – Hazrat Inayat Khan



Transcendental Evolution of Man


“Man is in the process of changing to forms of light that are not of this world” - Emeral Tablets of Thoth



To show the vibrations of existence, Hans Jenny developed what is known as Cymatics to show that when the vibration of sound is passed through a simulated media there is a pattern that will emerge. When the frequency increases the media develops into a more complex pattern. This is what is happening to our earth and to our humanity, partly due to the earth’s base resonance increasing, but also due to our beings having to cope with absorbing a higher rate of information, absorbing more stress and losing sight of our simplicit primordial etheric bodies through social conditioning.  When we look into how the body is using its DNA structure, the research into how the universe affects our beings begins. There are 64 possible codes of amino acids in our DNA structure made from 4 elements Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen, we presently only have 20 of those DNA codes activated, the remaining codes are left dormant. The researcher Vladimir Poponin measured tiny particles of light called photons inside a vacuum tube of which they scattered chaotically, a sample of DNA was added into the tube, and they found that the particles of light aligned themselves along the axis of the DNA structure. As they removed the DNA sample, the light particles remained in the same pattern as the DNA spiral – this is what is known as the phantom DNA effect. Science has bridged a very important gap between physical and etheric / spiritual existence.


December 21st 2012 is a point in time marked as the ‘zero point’ and is a natural transition from one form of energy to another – known as the transcendental evolution of man. Our sun as well as planet earth is losing its magnetic field as the earth is flowing in its rotation. The earth’s base resonance frequency, also known as the Schuman cavity resonance is increasing within accordance to the predictable sequence of the Fibonacci theory. At a cellular level our bodies respond to electromagnetic pulses, the ancients called this the sacred circuit. Our cells receive these pulses from the brain, which receives its pulse from the heart, which receives its pulse from the earth. This pulse then comes from the solar system, which derives from the galaxy and ultimately comes from our universe. We share this pulse with ALL existence. Scientists have been recording the earths pulse since they discovered the earth’s resonance. They found that the earth’s pulse resonates at approx 7.8 cycles per second, which was constant until 1986, until it rapidly began to increase to approximately 9 cycles per second. By 2012 this pulse had increased to 13 cycles per second, just as the Fibonacci theory predicted. As Cymatics shows higher frequencies result in a more complex pattern, we are now at the beginning of a major shift of physical and spiritual vibration. Some say this may result in catastrophe or it may be our renaissance for humanity.




“in our bodies we will see our creators” – Book of Mormons



Parts of humanity will not be able to cope with the rapid spiritual changes we will endeavour within the psyche and some will experience a total shutdown and disassociation from themselves and the world around. We can prepare by connecting the truth of our beings with our psyche and spiritual self. Part of this process is to regain a connection with our emotions, both negative and positive. We are not meant to repress our negative emotions because it causes imbalance. We must not fight our emotions, hide them or ignore, we must acknowledge them and allow them to serve their purpose. The patterns of emotion are directly linked to human DNA. There are only 2 emotions the human body has: Fear and Love, all other emotions branch directly from each of these main emotions. Our emotions have a vibratory frequency, fear has a long and slow frequency vibration to it, while love has a very rapid and high frequency. As emotion affects our DNA structure we must take care in keeping the balance and the integrity of our primordial self, as this is the gateway to our spiritual consciousness.  DNA acts as an antenna for cellular regulation receiving and transmitting light and vibrational sound – meaning the power around the spiral (its energising strands) are taking in the ‘etheric’ energy of vibrations and sends it out for manifesting within a quantum field – and reciprocates with the physical matter of the body. Similar to photosynthesis, our bodies regenerate the universe, and the universe regenerates us.





Stardust, Physiology and Vibration


“Our bodies are made of remnants of stars and massive explosions in the galaxies” - Karel Schrijver and Iris Schrijver



All the material in our bodies originate from residual stardust from the cosmos. Our bodies regenerate throughout its life span, it is never static even though we may appear to have similarities when looking in the mirror. Stardust finds its way into the nutrients in plants and crops, that we need to sustain life. When the universe began there was helium and hydrogen. The stars in our galaxy go through a form of nuclear reaction in space, they absorb fuel and convert it into hydrogen that forms helium, and helium is built into carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, iron and sulfur—everything a human being is made of. When that star dies it explodes in space, shooting out those materials in and around the universe and onto Earth. We have those materials within our human bodies that originated from the Big Bang, but we also need a constant supply of those materials to regenerate us throughout our lives, this is fulfilled by a continuous cycle of life and death from the stars within our galaxy that falls onto Earth. Approximately 40,000 tons of cosmic dust falls to Earth every day which allows us to continue to live our lives. Through the art of entrainment and periodicity, tuning ourselves to the core of those elements / stardust, we can become a vibrational match and thus regain a natural connection with pure energy for etheric healing purposes.





Music of the Spheres, Resonance and Mindfulness


“Our spirit, if it has been intent upon the work and upon the stars through imagination and emotion, is joined together with the very spirit of the world and with the rays of the stars through which the world-spirit acts” 

- Marsilio Ficino




Music of the Spheres is an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies - the sun, moon, and planets as a form of music. This music is not audible, but simply a mathematical concept. It is unknown whether it is not audible due to the fact that it is a sound that is so loud that the human hear cannot hear it or whether it is due to the fact that our bodies have got used to the sound since birth so it disregards it, or it could be a form of sound we can only perceive once the soul has the left the physical body, either through dying or some form of spiritual ascension.


When looking into a specific area of Musica Universalis, the work of Marsilio Ficini (a Priest and Philosopher of Platonic theology and esoteric cosmology) explains how the world’s ‘soul’ informs the whole of creation through sowing energetic seeds that have originated from the divine mind and these seeds can be through images, music, plants, colours or anything to do with natural creation. If a person is working in harmony with them, and become an exact vibrational match, they can find a way to tap into the soul and divine mind through working with music. Ficini explains, that you can attune yourself to different levels of the universe, either through intellect or intuition and connect with each planetary sphere. As within music of the spheres, each planet relates to a different frequency, which directly connects with a different part of the psyche or consciousness. This vibrational match can be done through sound healing, resonance and mindfulness.

sacred geometry
sacred geometry
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