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Sacred Geometry and Sound Healing

All of Creation is an orchestra of frequencies, which can be experienced as color, sound, matter and states of consciousness. Throughout the last few millenniums, dreamers, scientists, philosophers, artists, sound healers, healers and seekers of the patterns of creation have studied the movements of the cosmos and how these cycles and proportions connect to us on Earth. The discovery of  planetary cycles, sacred geometry, and musical scales connect deeply with divine order and movements of the cosmos.


There are many precise mathamatical sequences great thinkers have uncovered that surprisingly repeat itself amongst our galaxies, stars, celestial bodies, our earth, nature, the atoms within our bodies and within many spirit realms. To name a few: Circle of Fifth, Fibonacci sequence, golden phi and some ancient modal systems all connect deeply with the calculations found from the inner workings of the universe.


This blueprint of metaphysical properties provides healing, unity, happiness and free love through the use of sound and vibration. We at Sangita Prana are a firm beleiver in using sacred geometry within all our compositions to eminate oneness and resonate deeper healing.

sacred geometry

“The sky and its stars make music in you.”
Denderah Temple wall inscription, Egypt

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