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Sound healing is closely tied with cymatics, Sound healing practitioners use

cymatics as a sound application in order to shape a change a resonant frequency

within the physical or spiritual system. Cymatics is a scientific study of wave sounds

pioneered by doctor and scientist Hans Jenny. His work experimented around using forms of liquid, powder or paste to create patterns from sounding frequencies. He found that different frequencies resulted in mandala type patterns ranging from a basic pattern to a more complex design. He found that the simpler the tone such as a sine wave created a more pleasing visual representation and was more minimal in the mandala effect, whereas using a more complex synthesized tone, the mandala effect became quite erratic and displeasing to the eye.



The truth is that sound creates a dynamic mandala like pattern in every water molecule of your entire body. And, since your body is 90% water, the effect vibration has on your whole system is quite substantial. Sound can create extraordinary changes in your body and spiritual consciousness through the use of a cymatic approach. It also inspires interest when thinking about how these mandala patterns appear in other parts of nature and our universe, a deep recognition that we are at one with the intricate vibrational matrix of the universe itself.

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