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Infrasound, often  referred to as low-frequency or super sonic sound is sound that is lower in frequency than 20 Hz, that is below human hearing range. As the frequency decreases, the less sensitive we become as a physical human being to be able to hear the sound and more sensitive in feeling the vibration. The sound pressure must be sufficiently high to enable great healing through the use of super sonics.

Infrasound has many uses within sound healing due to the potent vibration that they emit. As vibrating human beings, by tapping into those frequencies our human bodies absorb sound extremely well. We are made up of predominantly water and bone tissue. When we are exposed to sonic energy, water and bone tissue within us pick up resonance and vibrates our very being. Living bodies possess a great sensitivity and selectivity to specific energies - acoustical, magnetic, and electromagnetic. which works from a cellular level all the way through to spiritual enlightenment.

As a vibratory being we emit vibrations outwards which affect things around us, as well as receiving vibrations from the environment and the earth's electromagnetic fields. There is a continuous interchange and flow of these vibrations, which affect the electromagnetic energies within and around us. Each of us also has a signature vibrational frequency, our own underlying tone, which expresses our life force and position within nature and place on earth.

The Sound Alchemist uses infrasound as a valuable healing tool too enhance the potency of a healing session.



Ultrasound is a sound wave that is higher frequency than the ear can hear over 20,000 hz. 

Certain animals like bats, dolphins and whales navigate in darkness via listening to ultra sound within their audio field. Ultrasound can be used in sonar systems to determine the depth of the water in a location or to find how a planet or star is composed. In sound healing these frequencies can be used as a modalitiy in therapeutic practice and has been shown to increase healing rates, relaxation and help with blood flow and DNA activation.


Ultrasound is also used to detect ghost and paranormal activity and is believed to be the frequency spectrum that enables spirits, angels and interdimensional beings to communicate with us. It is also believed to improve psychic and clairvoyant ability. Ultrasound can be a really useful tool within spiritual sound healing due to its deep connectivity with ultra dimensional activity.

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