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How To Spot A Spiritual Fraudster (Within The Sound Healing Sector)

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

fake spiritual leader
Fake Spiritual Leader

In recent years, there has been an increase in many 'sound healers' claiming they can heal you. Whilst a few are genuine and create amazing work, there are far too many fake spiritual sound healers that are wolves dressed in spiritual guru attire! Its unfortunate for the individuals involved and for the sound healers out there that have qualified and put a lot of time, research and love into their craft for the sole purpose of helping others.

It is extremely easy to setup a Facebook account, YouTube channel or TikTok account, upload healing content and profess they can heal you. Anyone can do it as there are currently little monitoring via these platforms. These social companies know little about the subject and there for allow anyone to upload this type of content.

Spiritual scams are everywhere because its easily done and easily distributed to the masses. A spiritual scam, comes in many forms, but within the sound healing sector they are plentiful. These deceptive practices upload content professing they can cure, heal or help you when there true goal is to cause as much damage as possible. These scammers have realised that most people are looking for a better life and to become happier and that there are a lot of vulnerable people out there that fall for anything they are being told. They use these traits to pray on the weak and the vulnerable for their own capital gain or control.

We have written 7 signs for you to spot a fraudster from a genuine healer within the sound healing sector.

gold sacred geometry
sacred geometry

1 - Look for their credentials. If they are not qualified they are probably fake

If someone offers music, frequencies, tones etc and also claims that they can heal you, look for their credentials. It is illegal to do this without being qualified as a sound/music therapist. Whilst It is not illegal to offer music and frequencies, it is however illegal to say that those frequencies can heal or help unless they are a fully qualified sound therapist/healer. To qualify as a Sound Healer, the qualifications are currently set at, at least a Ba (hons) in music specialising in Sound Therapy, along with a Post Graduate within a similar field of music and healing. Or another route to qualify would be a Masters in Music Therapy.

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2 - They profess to be able to heal or cure you

No professional healer whether that's holistic, medically trained doctor, alternative practitioner, claims they can heal your ailments or cure you of disease or illness. Anyone professing they can especially with a frequency or a piece of music is clearly fake. There is very little within medical science that can cure you. A frequency or a piece of music can certainly not cure you of Cancer or any major disease. Whilst sound healing works great alongside medical science as a supportive measure, sound healing cannot cure all. Sound healing works well and is especially potent within the spiritual realm as vibration is energy and there for sound healing can make a bigger impact in the world of spirit and energy. But anyone claiming they can cure your pink eye or cure your hodgkin's disease (example) are fake.

sacred geometry gif

3 - Their frequencies are imbalanced

We see many sound healers / alchemists using imbalanced frequencies. This is manly because they are not qualified and do not know how to work with frequency so that good can come from it. Whilst listening to a 'sound healers' work if all they produce is frequencies higher that 1200Hz ( for example ) with no lower (specific) carrier frequencies. This will actually cause harm because it is imbalanced.

sacred geometry gif

4 - How they interact with their followers. Their bedside manner is off

Its shocking at how some 'sound healers' speak to their followers and some out right are abusive and nasty to them. This should speak volumes to any well rounded person. Unfortunately, because of the content that is being produced by these fakers, they attract a certain person with vulnerabilities to which those vulnerabilities often stem from some kind of abuse. These people are attracted to abusive people and that's how these scammers are so successful in what they do.

If a sound healer is anything less than supportive and nice, then stay away from their content and their energy.

sacred geometry gif

5 - Their posting schedule - If they post everyday or every other day

A lot of research, time and effort should go into each piece of sound healing, if someone is posting every day or even every other day, then not a lot of thought or research has gone into the piece and is probably causing you more harm than good. Posting everyday is fine when it is meditation or relaxation music, but when it comes to sound therapy / sound healing / sound alchemy / digital alchemy a lot of research should be going into each piece of work and there for it wouldn't be possible to release everyday.

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6 - They call themselves God, guru or cult leader etc

There are some really evil people currently practicing and call them selves God or Guru, the reality of it this is a major sign of mental instability or metal illness and they should not be in the role of 'caregiver via frequency'. Their goal is to become more of a cult leader and this never ends well.

Everyone should be equal and no one should be beneath or above anyone.

sacred geometry gif

7 - If it feels off, your intuition is usually right

It is difficult in our line of work when energy needs to be balanced, we have to deal with both the light and the shadow self. Shadow work especially can sometimes feel uncomfortable or odd. However, if your having a major negative reaction against some ones work, your intuition is normally a good indicator that their work is bad for you and will cause you harm. It has to feel good, relaxing or peaceful, transformative or powerful, not painful, insufferable or intolerable. These are major red flags that they are causing you harm.

Listen to your intuition if it feels wrong don't suffer, scroll on.

Stay safe and be aware

In Loving Resonance,

-Jasmine | Sound Energy Alchemist


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charesa kirindongo
charesa kirindongo
Dec 28, 2023

This is very important, Gratefull you bring this on.

There are sick creatures out there creating channels of whatever, 🙄🙄dont consider that there are some looking for reliëf, peace, or support during their probllems, illnes, or even in despair.

Keep doing such of Good job.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thnk U for your Honesty😇😇

Dec 28, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for your positive feedback xx

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