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Free Yourself From Caring What Others Think Of You

Divine Frequency
Divine Frequency

Caring what people think is inherently instilled deep within you since childhood, through the social interactions you experience. Humans do not have these traits at birth and it is not naturally what you should be feeling. However as babies you learn quickly from others and respond socially to the environment around. Caring what people think from a negative viewpoint that makes you feel bad or sad is not in your DNA, it is not within your souls purpose. Connecting with the Divine, connects the soul spirit with energies that help you to release trauma, heal emotional wounds, gain self love and emotionally cleanse the aura. This connectedness can make way for receiving blessings of light so that you can revert back to your soul state and free yourself of negative traits.

Worrying can take a lot of energy. If it's consistent the body goes into overdrive - taking energy from all energy storages within the body and your energy will begin to run low. This can then become harmful to your self image, persona, traits, soul, energy field and ultimately how you play out your time on earth. It can have a detrimental effect upon your true soul state of living in harmony and peace.

Free yourself from caring what others think of you and learn how you can overcome this.

Don't Worry Be Happy
Don't Worry Be Happy

Signs That You Care Too Much What Others Think

Indicators that the opinions of others might be harmful to you and your mental health, physical self and spiritual health:

  • You change you're persona to criticism and you go from being kind to mad, angry or defensive

  • You are happy letting others make decisions for you

  • You don’t set or maintain boundaries.

  • You care too much about perfectionism and will go to great lengths to achieve it... no matter what or who your hurt in the process

  • You find it difficult to say “no” and find yourself in all kinds of instances that go against who you are.

  • If someone's opinion differs from yours, you hold in what you really think and are not open about your beliefs to avoid conflict

  • Your peace of mind relies on approval from others

  • You’re constantly apologizing, even when you did nothing wrong.

Trust Oneness
Trust Oneness

Trust Yourself

You need to start relying on yourself for validation, instead of relying on the validation of others. Start trusting yourself with your own opinions and beliefs. If someone has a different viewpoint, accept that everyone can have their own beliefs, but stick to your own. When you become more accepting of who you are, your self esteem increases and you start to love yourself more. Make changes and become your own biggest fan, instead of your biggest critic and take back control over your own feelings.

Accept that people will have opinions of you. Their perceptions of you – even if they are inaccurate, bare no relevance to your journey on earth and therefor should be taken with a pinch of salt and thrown away immediately. You can’t control how everyone perceives you, you can however lessen your worry and anxiety over it - creating more spatial energy for positive energy to reside within your body and soul.

People that make negative judgments of you reside in a lower spiritual frequency. They are spiritually undeveloped and are unequipped to deal with an energy like yours, it is not something they can put in a box and make sense of, so they create a negative solution so they can get on with their day knowing that its not them, the problem is you. When in reality, its the complete opposite. The problem is them and you are far more advanced as a spiritual being that you no longer care what they think.

Emotional Triggers
Emotional Triggers

Identify Your Triggers

The journey to having complete freedom of emotion and to stop caring what others think you have to first start within - within the physical body.

It is a normal human response from your conditioning as child and adolescence, you want closeness with others and you care about them, so you want to make them happy and for them to care about you in return. Part of that conditioning is that you want to feel like you belong, even with total strangers. The truth of it, is that when you trust and love yourself, you belong with your higher self and the Divine. That is the ultimate sense of belonging.

Social anxiety and social phobia play a major role in physical, mental and spiritual development. Social anxiety can have many traits , such as - you replay past social interactions over and over in your head and you find yourself becoming bitter and angry after the event. You constantly assume that people don't like you and become more and more introvert and lose your social circle of friends and family. Like the ripple effect, this transmutes energy into a lower vibration and dampens your energy of being. It becomes increasingly harder to increase your vibration and you start to feel stuck, unable to move forward.

For some people it can be increasingly hard due to their upbringings where there was a lack of emotional support and encouragement. This often surfaces as low self-esteem, seeking approval from others and have a lack of self love for themselves. These people are likely to obsessively care too much about what others think of themselves.

Identify your triggers and work from the ground up - starting with the physical, then the emotional, the mental and finally the spiritual self.

Some examples to start work with would be too:

  • Focus on your own goals and values

  • Hold your own judgments of others

  • Surround yourself with positive people who support you

  • Know that you’re usually your own worst critic and surround yourself with accepting, supportive people

  • recognise your triggers from conditioning and make changes

  • trust your own opinion

  • recognise your spiritual journey and how someone else's opinions of you bare no relevance

  • start saying NO to things

  • maintain boundaries and stick to them

Shift Happens
Shift Happens


Mindfulness is about shifting one energy into another - through staying in the present and being aware of your emotions. Whilst in that moment, shifting a negative thought or feeling into a much more positive or hopeful one can be a spiritual experience. Learning to be in the moment can help you cope with those unwanted feelings and thoughts and transmute them into something much more meaningful to your physical and spiritual life. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, sound healing and music are all ways you can achieve mindfulness.

While you are in this mindful state, this is the best time you can develop your sense of self, build confidence and self esteem by learning to love yourself. Practicing self-reflection can be a powerful tool for building a strong identity. Take time to ask yourself some difficult questions.

Who am I? What do I care about? What do I enjoy? Why do I care so much about their opinion? Why do I react like this? How can I change for the better?

The more you delve dive into it during a mindfulness session the more confident and self aware you will become and the more spiritually developed you will be and It will have a huge impact on your willingness to ignore the haters.

Divine Frequency
Divine Frequency

Divine Frequency

The Divine frequency is the highest of all frequencies within any realm, dimension, spiritual level or source of energy. The divine is a universal vibration / energy that permeates all beings and connects everything to everything in existence, the cosmic mind and the higher self. Connecting with the divine can bring great healing, transformation and growth.

It is important that your path is in tune with your original soul state of being (free from conditioning, trauma or negative traits), to enable you to connect with the Divine more easily and freely. Once the connection has been established you are then able to work on raising your frequency for spiritual ascension.

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68.05hz: Divine Connections

99hz: Blessings of Light

174hz: Trauma Release

272.02hz: Balance Emotion

528hz: Self Love

741hz: Emotional Cleanse

1111hz: Divine Energy Shift

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In Loving Resonance

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