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Frequently Asked Questions




Q: How Long Does It Take To Achieve Advanced Spiritual States?


A: We beleive our sound healing products work immediatly on a very basic level. The more you meditate with our products the more advanced you will become in acheiving altered states of oneness. As a general rule, listening to our products every 3-4 days is suffice, after the 2nd week of audio listening you will start to feel more open and susceptible to the healing frequencies which reside in our creations. We do not reccomend daily listening or more than once day as the body mind and soul will reach a plato.

Q: Who creates music for Sound Energy Alchemist? Do you get it made, do you license it?

A: Jasmine our sound healer treats all content, music and visuals

Q: What softwares do you use to create your music?

A: We use Logic Pro X with additional plugins.

Q: Can I use snippets of your work on TikTok?

A: Yes, please feel free to do so, just remember to tag us and credit us

Q: Can I use snippets of your work in Youtube Shorts?

A: Yes, please use YouTube shorts audio and find us there. we do not allow directly uploading our work to a new short

Q: What softwares do you use to create your visuals?

A: We mainly use Premiere Pro, After Effects, Blender 3.0 and Photoshop

Q: Can I use your music in my projects?

A: Unfortunately not no, our music is only available for personal use and is protected by copyright. This includes our work on all platforms such as Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc...


Q: Where Can I Buy The Highest Quality Downloads?

A: We sell our sessions through many online stores, but many of them such as iTunes only allow MP3 as a download, this is of less quality than a FLAC, WAV or AIFF. We only offer these high quality sessions (with all frequencies in tact) via our Bandcamp Page:


Q: Is your music available under the creative commons license or CC license?

A: currently none of our music is available under these licenses

Q: Why Does the Quality of Sound Differ in Each Store?

-This is problematic for us, as we have no control over how some stores, reformat our sessions. Stores like Spotify and iTunes use a form of compression that squashes all frequencies involved into the 'acceptable range' this normally looses all sub sonic frequencies and frequencies beyond our hearing range resulting in a lower quality and a lower spectrum of frequencies. If in doubt always purchase sessions from our Bandcamp, where sessions can be downloaded using the highest quality downloads with no extra compression. They are purely as is from when the sound healer composed the session.


Q: Is All Your Music Available in Every Online Store?

A: No, Many stores have a guideline that has to satisfy by content type, style guide and many factors can inhibit us from uploading to some stores depending on the healing session we are offering at the time. The only online store that will always have everything we have in our catalogue is through our Bandcamp page.

Q: Do I Need Certain Equipment To Hear the Sessions?


A: Due to the range of frequencies involved, you will need to playback on speakers or headphones that have a good wide of frequencies in their spectrum. This will allow for greater healing.

Q: Do I Need to Listen to the Whole Session or Just Parts of It?

A: Most of our sound healing sessions incorporate some kind of entrainment and periodicity and therefore to gain the most benefit from the healing quality, it is best to listen to the whole session. You can find more information on entrainment and periodicy HERE

Q: Some of Your Releases Have Extra Tracks, Such as Binaural Beats and Nature Sounds, Do I Need to Listen To Those To Gain The Benefit of The Sound Healing Session?

A: The extra tracks are bonus tracks from the actual sound healing session. However, pure binaural beats can carry a much deeper vibrational presence and interact with the body on a more connective basis concerning what it is targeting, although they can become uncomfortable at times to listen too. It is also personal preference which track you are most comfortable with. Please note, what separates each track is the extra healing tools we incorporate within the main sound healing sessions can not be found within the pure binaural beats tracks. Binaural beats targets specific areas, whilst the main piece targets the whole body and spiritual system. The nature sounds bonus tracks are purely for relaxation only and has been requested many times for us to add these to our sound healing sessions.

Q: Where Do You Get Your Sources From To Compose Your Sound Healing Session?

A: Jasmine uses both scientific and spiritual practices when researching each of her sessions.





Q: I Can't Seem To Hear Some Of The Frequencies Involved Why?


A: As a general rule we use a wide range of frequencies that sometimes are not audible by the human ear. These frequencies are more felt as a vibration than heard. They are still potent frequencies regardless of whether you can hear them or not. There is extra information regarding our infrasounds HERE




Q: Why Do You Use Lower Carrier Frequencies When the Aim is too Raise Frequency?


A: Lower carrier frequencies function on a scientific level. They enable the brain to absorb more of the healing frequencies. We use specific low frequencies to enable connectedness with certain planets, elements, emotions or energy feilds to tap into the strongest vibrations for oneness.

Q: Is Each of Your Session An Audio Session Within it's Own Right or Do We Need the Visuals on YouTube for Best Results?

A: Each session is an audio session within its own right, the visuals on YouTube are purely for focus when watching our YouTube videos. Some people find its a better tool for them to relax too as it gives focus, allowing the brain and body to isolate the frequencies involved within the healing session. But it is not needed no.

Q: Why are the Binauaral Beats Described a Different Note?

A: Binaural means Two, binaural beats work by using a carrier frequency and a base tone which is mathamatically worked out to sound the tone which falls directly in the middle. The way the brain makes sense of binaural beats is by working out the tone of two frequencies which lays directly in the middle. Eg: 528hz can be a combination of any two tones that makes the true tone sound in the brain as 528hz. There is extra information regarding Binaural Beats HERE





Q: What is the Best Way to Listen to the Sessions?


A: Ideally you need to be in a peaceful environment with no distractions. Sat or laid in a comfortable position, making sure the room temperature is on a comfortable setting. Because we do use binuaral beats, it is best to listen to our products on stereo headphone with a wide range of frequenices.

Q: Can I reupload your music and videos onto Youtube?

A: No, it infringes our copyrights as well as it is against youtube policies. Also, the channel with reuploaded content might get a copyright strike and even risks termination.

Q: Can I sample your music and distribute it in a digital album, and sell it through a distributor like iTunes, CDBaby, Tunecore, Spotify, Distrokid or Amazon?

A: No. Each of those distributors and other similar music retailers require you own 100% of the copyrights to the pieces you publish.

Q: How many times a week can I listen / partake in your sound healing sessions?

A: it is advisable to read each video description for this, but as a general rule no more than 2-3 times a week per track but as many different tracks as you like as long as you don't repeat the same one over three times. You can however reach a plateaux if listenign to music all day. It is advisable to have at least a couple fo hours break in between sessions.

Q:Can I play your music in the Background of my Spa, Yoga Studio etc 

A: Due to the intricate nature of sound alchemy/sound healing it is not advisable to use within another alternative treatment together.

Q: I Purchased a Session Through Your Bandcamp, But I've Not Been Able To Download it?

A: Bandcamp should automatically divert you to the download page after purchase. They also send you a link via your email, please check all folders within your email including spam. If there are any problems, please email us with your receipt number, we would be happy to send you your purchase again via a file sharing site such as wetransfer.

Q: Can I Download Direct To Mobile Through Bandcamp?

A: Unfortunately you cannot download direct to mobile using our Bandcamp page. The only way around this is to download the MP3 file format to your desktop and transfer it onto your phone using your USB.

Q: What Online Platforms Can I Download Your Sessions Direct to Mobile?

A: At this current time only Our GooglePlay and iTunes offer this function. 


Q: Do You Need To Be Qualified To Practice In Sound Healing?


A: Yes, music therapy is a very specialist tool for health and well being. It requires an in-depth knowledge to achieve something that will not be harmful to anyone or anything. The standard requirement is set at - a professional degree in music therapy and/or post graduate. This also can be achieved through a music degree specialising in sound healing plus 8 years minimum work experience within the field. An advanced sound healer must possess a Masters in Music (Sound Healing).




Q: What Qualifications Do You Have?


A: The main sound healer has a Degree: Ba Hons in Music specialising in sound healing, a Post Graduate PGCE in Music Education specialising in sound healing, 14 years providing sound healing to the public via Sound Energy Alchemist and 4 years teaching sound healing in colleges, universities and private tuition. 


Q: Where did the sound healer train ?

A: Jasmine completed her degree at U.C.L.A.N and her Post Grad at Lancaster University In the UK


Q: Where Can I find Samples Of Your Work Before Commiting To Buy?


A: We have all of our catalogue on out Bandcamp page, which can be listened too 3 times before purchasing. We also upload shorter versions on our Youtube page which is unlimited. Every now and then we release free limited editions downloads via our soundcloud page. 



Q: Why Do You Have Different Pricings For The Same Product?

A: Sales through our Bandcamp and website are set by the Sound Energy Alchemist team, however other platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc choose their own pricing's, we have no control over this.

Q: I'd Prefer An Hour Session Rather Than Seperate Tracks, Are These Available?

A: No, due to several online stores and their policies and guidelines, we are unable to fulfhil this request. We try to total the whole album to an hour whenever it is possible.

Q: Can I Upload Your work to Youtube and how do I properly credit you in my Youtube videos containing your music?


A: We do not allow third party uploads to Youtube as a stand alone sound healing session. We do allow our music to be used within documentaries and reviews of which credits at the end of the video is essential that include: “Original music by Sound Energy Alchemist”. Please also state in the description box relevant information about the specific content used, (i.e. from 528Hz Love Frequency) accompanied by an active link to our website


Q: Can I use your music In a youtube video that’s not for commercial use without crediting you?


A: No. Whether or not your content is being used for commercial purposes we require credits to be posted in the description box with an active link.


Q: Can I use your music as a sample or sound bed for a commercial product if I credit you?

A: No. All our licensing agreements are copyrighted too Mystical Moon Records and any commercial sound bed is prohibited.


Q: Can I record a hypnosis or meditation track over your music for personal use?

A: Yes. If you feel this increases the healing or relaxation for you then feel free.


Q: Can I repost your videos and audio on my website if I purchased it and download it from your website?

A: Yes. Written permission must be given if you intend to host our content on any third party servers. Relevant active links must be displayed too and


Q: Can I embed your soundcloud files and Youtube videos on my blog, facebook, twitter page or non-commercial website without crediting you?

A: No. Full credits must be given. 


Q: Can I use your music as a sample or sound bed in a part of my recording project, without crediting you, or signing a licensing agreement even though I’m making significant alterations that make your original work unrecognizable?

A: No. If you wish to use our music for reproduction in any form, you must fulfill our terms of use requirements.


Q: Can I re-tune, sample or alter your work if I properly credit you?

A: No. The harmonic and integrity of the structure must not be altered.


Q: Can I host a The Sound Alchemist gathering using your music and charge money for it?

A: Yes. We do ask that you properly credit Sound Energy Alchemist and inform us of your plans to do so. We also require that you refer all music sales to us through


Q: I’m a DJ. Can I remix your music at a live event without crediting you?

A: No, this will compromise the entrainment and frequencies involved in the composition. It is prohibited.

Q: Do you do Royalty Free Compositions?

A:  No. Compliance with copyright law, Royalty-Free is prohibited with all our products.


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