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Periodicity and Entrainment

...periodicity, meaning that the activity of something falls in cycles

All life consists of rhythmic processes i.e.:  pulsations of a single-cell organism to the rising and falling of our breath.... Life is directed by nature, the earth spins and rotates around the sun and around our moon. We attune ourselves to the cycles of the sun and the moon, following the different rhythms they create. Our moods change according to the seasons and our emotions change according to the moon’s cycles, through the pull and push effect from the sea’s magnetic tides. 


Entrainment and Resonance

Entrainment is closely related to rhythm and the way these rhythms affect us. Itzhak Bentov illustrates that, if you have a room full of pendulum-type grandfather clocks and start the pendulums in motion at different times, they will all swing at different times. However, if you walk out of this room and come back several hours later, you will find that all the pendulums are swinging together in time. This energy is called entrainment.  This principle can be applied to sound healing through the use of entrainment.

If you strike a tuning fork of 100 cycles per second and bring it near another tuning fork of the same frequency, the second tuning fork will vibrate without it being struck. This is what is called resonance. We can use resonance to tap into certain ailments or emotions and resonate in harmony. We can then use the theory of entrainment to bring that brainwave, emotion or illness into a healthy frequency. Entrainment is found within our own bodies, we are constantly locking in our own rhythms. Our heart rate, respiration and brain waves all entrain to each other. If we slow down our breath our heartbeat and brain waves slow down also. Entrainment and resonance can have a powerful effect upon the nervous system and the brain. 

Everything has a vibration, and 528Hz is nature's most potent vibration. The heart of the electromagnetic colour spectrum is 528, which is the heart of a rainbow (green-yellow). The fundamental sound of the sun resonates at 528Hz, and chlorophyll transforms this sound of sunlight into electronic energy in the oxygen that sustains us. The LOVE frequency can resonates harmonically in your heart, connecting your spiritual being to heaven and earth. It can help repair DNA, aid stress release, relieve dysfunctional emotions, help with anxiety, pain relief and connect us to our divine.

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