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Sound Therapies

Online Personalised Sound Healing Sessions

Each session will include a 1 hour personalised downloadable video. Please make sure you put as much information as you can in the booking form. A consultancy email will then be sent to you so that we can complete the healing session exactly to your need, want and requirements.

Sound Healing uses sound vibrations to create an environment that can heal the physical, mental, emotional or/and spiritual aspect of our beings. Music medicine to bring the body back to that original state of calm and peace.


Jasmine's sessions fuse together the magic of Sound Healing and the therapeutic effects of Sounds & Vibrations to restore a fully peaceful state of the being. Through these sound therapies, you can experience a deep mental, spiritual and physical relaxation as well as create a sense of natural peace and rejuvenation.


Sounds and Vibrations are nutrients for the nervous system, a “medicine” to recreate that natural and calm state of the mind, body and soul and helps you into a a deep mental and physical relaxation state.


Supporting the process of peaceful vibrations is allowing your ailments to dissolve in the infinity of the Universe.

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