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Sleepscapes & Sound Healing - A Powerful Combination

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

What Is A Sleepscape Sound Healing?

Sleepscapes are interactive stories with a calming musical background that incurs a sense of peace and relaxation. Sleepscapes generally have a form of guided storytelling over the top of relaxing music. However, when it comes to sound healing, guided storytelling comes from within the listener and tries to evoke the listener to story tell their own journey. Subtle memories are interjected using musical motifs to sound healing, which ignites certain moods, memories, feeling's or emotions. Similar to reading a good book, but without the words or sentences that sometimes can become quite constraint. Sleepscape sound healing has no limits or walls that holds the mind back, thus allowing you as the user to explore at your own pace and allows for full creativeness.... so that you can create your own story.

Sleepscapes Sound Healing provide a holistic and healthy method of winding down at the end of each day to allow a fuller deeper healing while you sleep. The healing continues to work once the sleepscape has ended due to the abilities of the expanded mind. Sound healing expands the mind through that ability to story tell your own story, thus opening up gateways into alternate dimensions. Once that gate is open it will start to slowly close, so for around 2-4 hours there will be a gap that will allow pure source to access you from afar for a greater healing - relaxing the whole the body as well as the spiritual self.

A Night In The Enchanted Forest - Sleepscape

Here at The Sound Alchemist, we wrote a specific Sleepscape/sound healing session to expand the minds ability so that there will be a deeper healing direct to you while you sleep. It is recommended to use the session 1-2 hours before bed or while you are falling asleep as this is the most time we are susceptible to becoming fully open. We use specific frequencies to cater for a sense of peace. Lullaby music is the best medicine for this specific purpose and is based on the western scale, we focused the session around C (440Hz) and F. This equates to the 4th interval. Using a 4th interval as a form of repetition greatly improves that lullaby sensation.

Benefits of Sleepscape Sound Healing

  • Lullabies are scientifically proven to lull babies to sleep – adults react in the same way once they allow it to permeate

  • They stimulate language and cognitive development

  • Lullabies can strengthen the emotional bond between a parent and child, however in adulthood it strengthens the bond between yourself and pure source

  • It socially connects, communicates, coordinates, and instigates neurological and physical movement

  • They stimulate pleasure senses and hormones

  • Alters perception, and shapes personal identities.

In Loving Resonance

The Sound Alchemist

*A Night In The Enchanted Forest - SleepScape is now available in iTunes


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