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Pleiadian Frequency Channeling & Our Life Force

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

2020 gives birth to many strands of light consciousness within our life force individually and collectively. Divine shifts have begun submerging layers of energy, transmitting a new patterning of light consciousness and it is resonating a higher life force within our earth. The entire process within the Earth creates a complete shift of consciousness through a mass network of light between our life force, the rest of humanity, the earth and higher realms. A permanent shift of energy is taking place on the planet. As old patterns of energy dissolve, old perceptions of illusion are being released and a new multidimensional form of nature is being born. This new wave is dividing our entire beliefs and way of living, making way for what is to come...

Your own life force is able to transmit and receive very high frequencies that is packed full of information and as a starseed we must try to resonate a pure flow of vibration. You are a pattern of divine light that is completely original to you, like a one in a kind imprint. This imprint is recognised between all other divine lights within the network of light, here on earth and higher realms. Your unique patterning is what makes your soul "You". We are all connected in light. Some Starseeds believe Dark Energy to be the same as the Pleiadian light system. Dark energy and dark matter is still not understood by many astrophysicists but what we all agree on is, it seems to be a networking system connecting everyone and everything in the entire universe.

Here on earth, we seem to be hitting very hard times and society is becoming more and more destructive and hostile, especially with each other. The majority of us living on earth are not happy that these changes are occurring, but feel we have very little weight to make any kind of difference. But even the smallest of changes can make a massive difference. It can be very easy to react to negativity, but we must remember the bigger picture at what is at stake here and simply let it go and stop the negative vibration permeating our light system, so that we can remain a pure glow. A pure glow that can receive and transmit frequency that speaks in light language. As these frequency notes enter our hearts, internally a vibration of light is having a multidimensional conversation with higher realms. Most people are not aware of it, some people have a feeling that something is going on and some people that are Starseeds / Pleiadians can interpret these messages through light language. Light language is a universal language which words are not used to express divine messages, this language is expressed through an alternate universal medium: Light Language. Light language can be translated through many means: art, voice, music, symbols, dance, the list is endless. But what this achieves is, it can be listened to by anyone no matter their race, species, religion or spoken language.

We are all at different stages of this evolution, but here at The Sound Alchemist we are hear to help you as best we can to open yourself up to these messages so that you can act accordingly. No matter how big or small the changes that we make, it all makes a difference.

The easiest way for a person to exercise their life force for receiving light language messages is to partake in sound healing sessions either online or in person. This can have an effect especially during sleep. As we fall into a delta brainwave sleep, this is the most potent time and openness we can be to receive light language messages. During a sound healing session, some people react straight away, while others absorb the frequencies and messages internally into their life force, which is then saved until they fall asleep and reach delta wave patterns in their sleep.

The Sound Alchemist interprets light language into music / sound healing. We created this sound healing session for you to use as and when you feel ready to take the next step...

In Loving Resonance



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