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How Sound Affects Us at Cellular Level

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Sound Healing is a form of music medicine that brings the body back to it's original state of calm and peace.

When applying frequency to the body it can be a very powerful tool, when we look at it from a healing point of view. Sound is similar to a rife frequency that finds a way to match the frequency of bacteria and deaden it. There is no difference, whether producing a sound or a frequency from a Rife machine. The art of periodicity works its magic to find the chosen frequency and alter or heal its vibratory energy.

When sound hits the cell membrane, the cells will start removing toxins by trying to find a common ground of the frequency that is stimulating it. Sounds and Vibrations are like nutrients for the nervous system, of which the nerves then stimulate the cells to dissolve patterns of stress, worry and anxiety and helps you enter a place of acceptance, balance and peace.

Entering a state of relaxation and peace is in itself a form of healing for the cells. When the whole body is flowing perfectly in tune, the body is functioning at it's peak, which gives the cells chance to fight any harmful pathogens.

Cymatics – light or sand can create interesting patterns when music is played, the same goes for how our bodies react to sound, like a reflection it is sensed by the physical body as a vibrational echo and is transferred to all the cells within the body. Thus, cells start to interact with the medium of a focused sound. When this concept is applied with Sacred Geometry - those stimulated Vibrations that are being applied to the body bridges the transformation of sound, resonating pure love back into the whole physical and spiritual system. Once cells are buzzing with their own vibratory aura, this is then reflected into the rest of the body – vibrating beauty outwards until it reaches the outer most edges of the body, and then continues into the aura and beyond. You are then vibrating a beautiful glowing aura that is infectious to the world and others around you.

The body also recognises frequency, for example: once a frequency of 741hz has been introduced to the cellular levels of the body, the body will recognise this frequency when played elsewhere and will be more receptive to absorb its healing properties. The cells memorises the outcome they got from the frequency session and activate more easily every time that same frequency is applied to the body again.

741hz is particulary potent as this frequency can also armour the spiritual system from any invading toxins trying to break through auric layers into the physical body. It can clean the cells from any kinds of electromagnetic radiations or toxins. Allowing you to evolve into a pure and spiritual resonating being, as well as leading you into a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of 741 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

· Cleans the Cells

· Targets cellular activity to balance and vibrate love.

· Removes toxins and detoxifies the cells and organs.

· Dissolves Toxins

· Cleanses and purifies the whole system at Cellular level

· Cleans the body from harmful electromagnetic radiations.

· Purifies mind and body

Cellular Symphony

In reverse: cells are not only influenced by frequency they also emit their own frequencies causing a cellular symphony. The discovery of the cellular symphony was made in 2001 from a biophysicist, Jim Gimzeweski, he worked on whether vibrations emitted by certain cells as they grow and divide could be interpreted as audible sound. He found that certain cells emit a beautiful eerie hum. He also noted that once the cells died off they emitted a hissing sound as they deflated. Gimzeweski also noted that in cancerous cells the sound emits a horribly out of tune sound, discordant and aggressive.This tells us that cells are in fact highly sensitive to sound healing and vibrational frequency can tune into any out of tune cell sound and alter or change its frequency into a sense of calm and peace through the science of entrainment and periodicity.

We composed a sound healing session for you that targets you at cellular level so that you can vibrate to your fullest potential - resonating energy and love,

In Loving Resonance




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