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Find Your WARRIOR Self ⌖⋮ I AM Strength, I CAN Cope ⋮⌖

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

A spiritual warrior's journey is not for the faint hearted, but those who battle through will survive the energetic changes that have already begun. In 2019 as part of our spiritual evolution, we will see these changes on a much larger scale. Many of us are experiencing debilitating, tough, emotional and crippling times and as we continue to fight through, there will be some people who come through the other end a warrior.

This global shift in consciousness and world transformation has a message to us all, can we survive it ? The answer is yes, absolutely! We are being tested with more and more hurdles thrown our way, why ? The balance within good and evil has to be restored making it much harder to do good and the universe needs you to help restore good vibrations.

Traditionally a warrior is a hunter, a spiritual warrior is a hunter of light fighting for peace and positivity. Against a mine field of disharmony a warrior will fight until the bitter end, through many emotional, physical spiritual and mental hurdles. The key is to remain balanced, consistent and never lose the path of your own self discovery. Finding your instinctual self will give you strength and help you sustain discipline and control the road to enlightenment.

In this blog, we look at how we can support the warrior experience though the use of meditation and sound healing. The answer lays within the Sun's magical frequencies.

The sun's energy is very powerful and the essence of our Sun gives light, strength and power. It is our spiritual centre and pivotal force within our lives. The sun's energy can be used within the law of attraction to attract positivity, happiness and well-being, build mental strength and enhance our ability to cope with an ever increasingly hard world to survive in. The sun's core frequency can create oneness, and aid integration giving sense of peace and contentment. We are all capable of becoming a warrior and surviving in life, we just need to learn how to access those forgot about energies inside of our instinctual selves. We can do this by connecting our spiritual auras with the frequency of our Sun.

The Sun's sacred geometrical forces represents the geometry of our spiritual consciousness and is the portal for hyperdimensional space. Thus, tuning into the frequencies of the Sun we are widening our spiritual experience and awakening our instinctual selves (to cope with the extra space we have to endure) - aka our Warrior Self... as our strength and stamina heightens we are ready for battle...

At Sangita Prana Sound Healing we composed a dedicated sound healing session using the Sun's energetic frequencies, along with precise sacred geometry frequencies to help you remain on the right path, whilst awakening the spiritual warrior within you. enabling you to become in tune with your instinctual self, empowering strength and help you cope with the disharmony you will find along the way.




SUN SCALE (hz): 126.22, 237.22, 258.22, 369.22, 480.22, 582.22, 693.22

STARDUST ELEMENT: H=1, 106.6632, 270.542, 447.69. O=8, 13.557, 288.59, 311.10. C=6, 25.144, 535.24, 577. N=7, 7.22, 153.78, 165.78

DNA ACTIVATION (hz): 8, 88, 136, 216, 432, 528



ENTRAINMENT (bpm): 120-60

SPECTRUM RANGE: Infrasound (18.98hz) - Ultrasound (12khz -2khz)

Meditation Mantra

Meditate along with this music for healing session, focus on your breath's inhale and exhale and upon exhale whisper “I AM Strength, I CAN Cope” inside the minds eye whenever you feel the need to release energy and continue for the remainder of the sound healing piece. It is recommended to use this sound healing session for 1 - 2 times for the first week and then whenever you feel the pull towards it there after.

Sacred Sun: Find Your WARRIOR Self ⌖⋮ I AM Strength, I CAN Cope ⋮⌖ The full session is available to download via


In Loving Resonance




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