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Activating Your 5D Frequency

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

“Dimensions are not places or locations, but levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate. The higher we vibrate, the more dimensions we consciously experience.” ~ Liara Covert

When we begin to raise our vibration and frequency, we are able to access higher dimensions more easily. Some mystics believe that our whole purpose of existence is to learn how to dimensionally travel and raise our vibration and if it’s not achieved in this lifetime we reincarnate over and over again until we learn.

Every soul on earth is on their own individual path of enlightenment, those who are on the front line of the ascension process are essentially ascending from a third dimensional reality to the fifth dimension. This process can often feel disheartening, lonely and hopeless as we live in times of a world suffering - fighting for peace. Spiritually adept beings on earth experience fifth dimensional consciousness more than most. However at this moment in space and time on earth, 5D beings are not 100 percent 5D being's. We are living as earthly being's - predominately in 3D, the very most we will ever achieve on earth (in this lifetime) is to dip in and out of 5D consciousness - due to energy needing to ground with the earth, we still need to live an earthly life. Some will be able to master this in their lifetime, some will not. While we may be surrounded by those who are stuck in cycles of suffering, it is our duty as 5D beings to lead the way silently and energetically and assist those who will begin their ascension process at some point in their lifetime.

If you are one of the few 5D beings you may have felt a strong inner spiritual pulse over the past several years or so, not able to ignore or shake it off, you are most likely at the start of a fifth dimensional consciousness. You may have had an inner knowing for some time that you are here for a reason. You may feel like you have been put on this earth to achieve a mission or to fulfil a soul purpose.

5 signs you are beginning to vibrate into fifth dimensional consciousness

1) You feel a change in energy around you

You may be able to tell something is strangely different, you may feel calmer inside, or something just feels different. You sense a greater energy or presence that you can’t pinpoint what it is. You may have had a complete about turn on previous beliefs, your way of thinking or changed your mind on what things matter and what things don’t anymore. While your own outer reality has not changed, your inner feeling towards your outer reality feels completely different. Your perception is shifting, making way for the consciousness of a 5D being existence.

2) Your Judgements Are Disappearing & Worry Less.

“We arrive into this world as energy, same as stars, wildlife, wind and ocean. Messy, raw and continuously perfect in our chaos. Release the need to control and instead surrender to your own natural rhythm, as expansive, accepting and open to new circumstances and situations as air itself. That is how you’ll thrive.” ~ Victoria Erickson

When we are living in a 3D existence dimensional consciousness is characterized by right and wrong. 3D beings tend to worry that they will make a bad choice or try to determine the best choice outcome, but these judgments soon begin to disappear as we come into fifth dimensional consciousness. In a 5D state we loose that anxiety of making the right or wrong decision and we just let what will be - Be. We feel a better alignment with higher wisdom and we stop questioning ourselves, everything around us and the universe and we start to resonate with our destiny and auric abilities. You will begin to feel that you are definitely on the right path rather than questioning whether you are or not.

3) Your Reasonings Become Spiritual In Nature

Beings who are vibrating at a lower frequency live in victimhood and blame others or someone/something else for their bad or good luck. Whereas living in a 5d reality you realize nothing happens by accident or chance.

5D beings understand that any situations that arise are here to help us understand, change, heal or to show us the path of enlightenment. Our spiritual well-being begins to take priority over the human experience and we feel a deeper meaning to everything around us.

4) You Attract An Abundance of People - Good & Bad

You may find that the people you encounter in your daily life tend to be those beings on the same path of enlightenment. Our energetic vibration pulls out the fifth dimensional aspects of those characters and we attract each other like a magnet. On the flip side, you may also attract lesser frequency established people that are negative towards you as they try to understand your weirdness. Lower frequency people, tend to belittle, troll or be mean towards you because they can’t make sense of your auric energy or persona so they grab the easy root - blame and bully people. There are also lower frequency people that question your existence, and are intrigued – these are the people that are right at the very beginning of their transformation and their souls are looking for a 5D mentor - whether they realize it or not, their soul is reaching out to you.

With this said and even with attracting lower frequency beings, the world seems to be kinder towards you more than usual and you feel more accepted into earth rather than continually fighting feelings that you are an alien living an earthly life.

5) Your Healing Process is Speeding Up

Your ability to get rid of the old and bring in the new is increasing in speed. You are no longer dithering or pondering on whether to do it or not – you just do it instinctively. The universe needs us to be emotionally and spiritually bagless to enter 5d consciousness, so we face some quite difficult times to rid us of these burdens. You may find opportunities to heal and release all pent-up emotional blockages and belief systems by way of one devastating experience after another. You trust the process as a clearing and you weather the storm. You KNOW this stage will come to an end and a brighter future will soon be.


As the 5D energy inside of us begins to awaken it becomes apparent that each emotion or energy we feel, rid of or nurture within us is part of our true path to a 5D consciousness. Out of chaos will come a beautiful emptiness making way for your 5D Journey.

We composed a sound alchemy session to aid you in the 5D transition. Suitable for people at any stage of their journey.

In Loving Resonance



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