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Nourish Willpower, Focus & Growth - The Divine Tree

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Finding inner strength and self discipline can be challenging at times, even when we have goals, sometimes we just cant break that barrier that's obstructing our journey. Willpower is like a muscle the more you use it the easier it gets. But that initial hurdle of seeing first light can be daunting. In this blog I discuss ways on how you can overcome that initial wall of self doubt by aligning yourself with nature.

The dream of a better tomorrow, will always be a fantasy, willpower and achieving your goals takes strength and determination - just willing the universe to help you can be very powerful sometimes, but it will not allow you to step over that hurdle - as within nature - the universe wants to boost the strongest so that only pure strong souls survive. So if you do not consider yourself to be this way, then you have to work on strengthening your aura, physical and spiritual system first. To strengthen this, you need to see it as a seed that has just been planted in the earth, taking roots. With each day those roots become stronger and for every root you have a shoot that grows new branches and buds that are the beginning of new journeys that have been set aside for you to achieve.

Take Root and Meditate

First, meditate on this everyday asking the universe to help you take root - envisage your goals on each bud of a tree branch and watch them grow each day as you meditate. Just 10 minutes of daily meditation can improve focus and willpower greatly.

Frequency and The Divine Tree

Once you feel your blossoming, it is time to take your journey to the next level. Vibrational therapy is a very powerful tool at this stage and can help you resonate in tune with the magical powers of the Divine Tree.

The Divine Tree originally came from space and landed on Earth via a seed. Initially people believed the divine tree needed human sacrifices to feed off the souls freeing energy. This is not the case, The Divine Tree regenerates negative or blocked energy into positive free flowing energy and recycles it back into you - like the exchange of oxygen we breath in the goodness from it and breath out the negative energies we have built up.

The Divine Tree is not a single physical tree, it is a metaphysical tree that ebb and flows within all of us. Many of us overlook its power and we become numb to it's healing properties that's able to heal our entire spiritual and chakra system. We can access its powers through frequency and vibration. Once mastered you will be able to feel its presence in your inner self - you will notice that your breathing seems clearer as well as feel like you are breathing in and out the entire universe effortlessly.

The healing power of the tree holds many magical properties and can bring you rebirth and aid the cycle of growth. They can facilitate change and strengthen the power of will. Sound healing is a very useful tool in this situation. frequencies interconnect with trees and divides the energies between the universe and other dimensions. Trees also make a great gateway for asking the universe for help through the law of attraction. All you need to do is initially is plant the seed and let it grow through meditation and sound healing.

We have designed a sound healing session to help you enhance your willpower and allow growth so that you can achieve your goals. Whilst listening to this we suggest you to use mindfulness and self awareness: think about your goal and whats holding you back visualise it changing as the session progresses. The vibrations will do the rest !


211.44hz - Increase willpower

136.10hz - Increase focus

182hz /162hz Strengthen discipline

417hz - Release blockages

324hz - Transformation and growth

In Loving Resonance




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