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8 Ways to Activate Your Lightbody, and Connect With Angels

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

The word 'Angel' means messenger of light. There are many different types of Angels, but a Guardian Angel is one that is assigned solely to you and will be with you for the rest of your life. They give you immense unconditional love, that is filled with celestial light, helping you grow and heal. In this blog, I will be addressing exactly how you can connect with your own guardian angel - 8 different ways. This will also allow your lightbody or soul to raise it's frequency for a higher spiritual experience.

Every time you reincarnate, your soul is joined with your Guardian Angel’s that resides in the spirit world or middle ground. There may be 1, 3 or a crowd of light beings waiting for you. They initially help you to get over the grief of loosing your previous life and guide you into the next stage of choosing the next life. Once all this is complete, they then guide you into your mother’s womb, and help you throughout your journey on the earth plane. We have all been given lessons to learn and or teach in our human form, sometimes referred to as “our calling”. For some this may be to overcome an addiction, for others it may be to teach others spirituality, for some it may be to simply learn how to love. The list is endless but very unique to you and your spiritual journey.

Personally, I have very strong memories of my previous life, my death, my awakening, my angel contact in middle ground and being reborn into the life I am in now. All of which I have three angels that have made the transition less traumatic, they continue to bend the rules in my current life – but that’s another story! I was also an extremely aware child spanning into adulthood, which is where I have regular contact with my Angels to this day.

It is a common misconception to think that feathers falling are a sign that an angel is nearby, this to me is a made up fluffy concept that has no truth to it. I would also be very dubious of anyone advising you to write a letter to your angel. They do not have UPS or Royal Mail in middle ground so they will not get it! Angels reside in another alternate energetic plane, that has no connection with physical matter. However, writing your thoughts down can be a way to connect to a certain stasis in the spiritual mind, that allows spiritual connection to flow easily. I will discuss this in ‘Be Creative’. I do also believe that you cannot click your fingers and expect them to be there, so just simply asking them to appear will not work. There are many variables in which a sentient being can break through the physical barrier to connect with you. Your mood may stop them from manifesting around you. They are still around, but if there is an excess of negativity they will not allow you to open up to pure light and thus disconnect. Astrological alignment needs to have the right balance between sacred geometry, the alignment of celestial planets and universal law. There also has to be a channel for them to manifest into. If you as a human being have not opened this within yourself, then connecting with your Angel will become merely impossible.

If you are at the beginning of your journey and are looking for ways to connect with your Angel/s then try these 8 suggestions:

1: Live a Minimal Life and Clear the Mind

Living a busy, chaotic life subdued's your ability to connect spiritually and numbs your “spiritual antenna” that we all have. Buddhist monks are well known for their spiritual connected-ness and also their peaceful lifestyles. Quietening the mind is crucial in finding inner peace. Removing distraction from your life will allow you to concentrate on our spiritual primal self, that has been laying in wait since your conception. If you work full time, have a large family and are always on the go, then you will need to work harder and make room in your life to find peace, that is away from all distractions.

The same goes in how you live. If you are surrounded by tv’s, computers, fridges, microwaves, most household appliances tend to create a shield within the vicinity, dis-enabling you to transition past feeling anxious or stressed. Electrical appliances are very bad for your core frequency and will stunt the growth of your ascension. Try to live a natural minimal life that is free from clutter and items that are not really needed. Be harsh and throw out what you really do not need to create a sacred space that is your Zen space.

What you eat and drink has a direct impact on how advanced your connected-ness is. You are what you eat and if you eat a chicken that has been confined in a tiny dark grass-less space, miserable and in pain then you as a human will absorb that negativity when you eat it's flesh. You might think ‘well I only buy free range’. Free range can be abused and manipulated by many food manufacturers, so do not always believe what you see on a packet. The very fact that a chicken died for you, is negative enough for you to lower your frequency, which will reverse any measures you have ever taken to raise your vibration. Eat a clean, balanced diet that will ingest positivity only.

2: In Dream Interpretation

You may think ‘but I am not in control when I am dreaming’. This is untrue. When you reach deep sleep there is a window where you reach lucid dream status and become aware you are dreaming. It takes practice and time to master the distinction, but it is possible. It can range from a faint recognition to full blown awareness, depending on how advanced you are. Once mastered, you can discover a wide variety of knowledge that ultimately originates from the “Akashic Records”. Akashic records is a kind of "non physical book of life," it can be equated to the universe's internet system. It holds all energy data that has ever existed, including records on your previous lives, current and future. The akashic records is the pivot point between your physical body and your Angels, allowing you to be on the same page! With this knowledge, guardian angels can guide you to connect your dreams to your waking life and help you heal, work through problems, and make good decisions. The more you commune with your Angels, during lucid dreaming, the more you are opening up a channel for them to manifest and interact with you in other ways.

3: Through Sound

As a qualified sound healer I know all too well just how frequency can make or break us. Sound can allow humans to become a conduit for transmitting and receiving energies between the Cosmos and the Earth. By resonating the Archangels frequencies, you can become a vibrational match and thus interconnect. Matching frequencies with each other is a powerful tool within the spiritual world, because the spirit world is based on energy that equates to frequency. There is no distinction between light and sound, they are ONE and every form of communication emanates sound.

The basic angelic frequencies for overall connectedness are:

Angelic frequencies 4096 Hz 4160 Hz 4225 Hz Angelic Scale 111 hz 222 hz 333 hz 444 hz 555 hz 666 hz 777 hz 888 hz 999 hz

Everything that exists does so because of sacred geometry. Metatron is the Angel that holds the keys to the universe, through the use of sacred geometry. It is the archangel Metatron that allows frequencies to resonate at high vibrational frequencies that ripple out through creation, creating colour, sound and levels of vibration, which then manifest into physical matter. By sounding these frequencies mentioned above, you are calling for that vibrational match to pull your lightbeing higher and you are asking to connect with the spirit world, of which your chosen guardian angel/s will respond (under the right circumstances mentioned earlier). But because you live in a world that is ruled by physical matter, the planets, galaxy and sun play a role too. Similar to the ancient pyramids of Egypt, they have to be perfectly aligned to specific celestial planets to enable connectivity with pure source. This alignment generally occurs on the waxing and waning of the earth’s moon and the divide between physical and spiritual matter is weaker around Halloween and there for frequency is especially potent around these dates.

Try to listen to sound healing that is specific in connecting your lightbody to Angels around or on the full moon and especially during the Halloween period. If you can attend a full moon live sound healing session (near the ocean) that would be extra potent for you! Check the video below for these specific frequencies.

4: Through Meditation

Meditation can be a very understated tool for ways in connecting with your Angel/s. The power of intent is just that, powerful. The Law of Attraction also has its two pennies in this form of connected-ness. When you meditate and reach a certain level of peacefulness (where there is no chaos or chatter) you have opened a channel for your guides to interact with you. The more you master this art form, the easier it will become for both transmitter and conduit- ie: you and your angel to interact with each other. Once you have hit the golden “spot” you will start to recognize it in your daily life. For example, when you are driving in auto pilot and suddenly realize you went off somewhere in your head whilst driving for miles, or when you are the petrol station filling up and your mind hits a blank space, or when you are having your morning coffee trying to wake up for the day, or doing your daily chores hoovering, you are hitting the golden spot within meditation. Meditation can happen at random times of the day and is by no means restricted to you sitting in the OM position on a mountain. I truly believe that your spiritual connected-ness is at your most potent when you are not forcing it. Because when meditation happens naturally there is no stress, anxiety or expectation to reach higher states of consciousness. Angels flow quite freely in these situations, all you have to do is recognize that is what’s happening and flow with it.

5: Be Creative

Have you ever noticed that creative people tend to be spiritual? When you create, you are hitting a similar spot to the meditational zone and there for the same laws apply. Being creative can come in many ways that suits the individual, it can be in tradition form such as creating art, music, poetry, dance or performance, but being creative can really come in other forms such as creative writing, cooking, crafts, fashion, beauty or even you-tubing! It is whatever comes from your soul naturally. If you force yourself into a specific art then the end result becomes false and does not get your lightbeing anywhere! Try to find an art that you are passionate about and you will soon realize its potential and open that gateway into the spiritual world.

6: Listen to Silence and the Spaces in-between

When you detune a manual radio you begin to hear static and white noise, fundamentally this is the sound of primal frequencies that the early universe emitted. Because sound takes a long time to travel, we are only just receiving its music score now on earth. Check out these cool eerie sounds from NASA

When you listen to early frequencies or white noise, you are tuning into pure energy that created our galaxy and stars. It is a mystery to all scholars on where early frequencies came from that created the universe, it’s simply mystical in nature. You living a human life, share the same elements as stars and theoretically your base frequency equates to the white noise emitted from the big bang theory, because that is the point of your conception! White noise allows you to connect to pure source with more ease. It will help your lightbeing transition into the spirit world effortlessly! It is also very connected with meditation as this is the frequency you hit upon whilst in deep meditation!

Try to put aside a few minutes a day to listen to silence and then try to focus even further on what’s going on in-between those silences. If your hearing white noise then you have done it right! Try to do this exercise away from all distractions. Once you start to hear white noise naturally you can then connect with your Angels freely and effortlessly.

7: Be at One with Nature

I can’t stress enough the importance of connecting with nature. Just taking a daily walk in the woods can make a massive difference for your spiritual well being. On a deeper level, through the laws of Entrainment, you are training your lightbody to vibrationally match that of energy / nature, just by being in its presence. Just as you absorb negativity, you are capable of absorbing positivity and pure love. Nature works in so many magical ways, one of which is through sacred geometry and the use of the golden mean and PHI. The golden mean appears in all forms of nature and science and even within your physical human body, such as your fingerprint, retina, ear lobes and even through to your DNA molecules. It is also seen in galaxies and star constellation and astrological happenings. What this equates to in connected-ness measures, is that the trick to spiritual ascension is through the golden’s spiral pattern.

Just through spending time in nature you are automatically absorbing all of natures spirals and are entraining your lightbeing to follow the same pattern naturally and without effort.

8: Take Note of Things that Happen in Life

Many things happen in life we either disregard or put down to coincidence. Remember when I mentioned earlier about the akashic records? Well here is where that data truly shines in your life. The akashic records also holds data on what your lifetime will hold and there for major things in your life are already mapped out for you, you just have to fill in the gaps and work out how you are going to get there and that can be done in many different ways. Ever had de ja vu for no reason what so ever? This is when, you have briefly connected with your akashic records, through whatever mode of connected-ness and you often feel like that situation has happened before, but it hasn’t actually happened yet! These are moments when you are at your most potent spiritually. Learning to recognize these nuggets of activation segments, you can then grow to learn how to spiral your connectedness, through every step I have mentioned previously!

You also should take note of the universe trying to tell you something. If something in life repeats itself in a rather uneasy way or something simple happens in life that you perceive to be a major deal and literally grabs your attention and takes your breath away, these are the times when your guardian angels are trying to give you a message, because they cant find any other way to connect with you. Give them a break and follow my previous steps and let them in. Life will get surprisingly awesome for you!

Recommended Listening

Why not download the whole session "Connecting with Source Energy - Archangels (Earth - Sun - Cosmos) by Sangita Prana Sound Healing to get you started or it could be used for more advanced users to deepen you meditation sessions, click the picture below

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