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Help Psychosis & Depression Through New Age Sound Healing

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Sound therapy as a treatment for depression can be a really useful tool and help a sufferer walk along a pathway that will set him or her free and guide them on the road to recovery. Using meditation along with sound healing is particularly potent because it can stimulate the left side of the brain which activates feelings of happiness and lifts a person’s spirit, allowing them to clear negative thoughts and emotions. It is often hard to break free from the cycle of depression as it can become a physiological cycle of a chemical imbalance as well as it being a mental issue. By increasing the dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain, this actively increases the neurotransmitters in the brain, lowering depression and increasing positive feelings of joy and happiness. Sound healing enables the brain to produce more of these neurotransmitters, opening a gateway for the sufferer to break free.

Often the hard wiring of the nervous system in the right side of the brain can become overly active. Binaural beat sound healing can bring brainwave activity into balance, and the symptoms of depression can be reduced. People suffering from depression often have a slow wave brain activity, such as Alpha and Theta. By increasing faster brainwave frequencies, such as Beta and Gamma, the symptoms of depression can be reduced. However, when we are looking at depression that is combined with Pyschosis, the opposite effect needs to be prescribed. A psychotic brain is far too fast paced and requires the brainwaves and neurotransmitters to become slower. Binaural beats are particularly effective in this situation alongside the use of brainwave entrainment and vibrational therapy. When the brainwaves start to resonate at the same frequency as the binaural sound being heard, this can temporarily change a brainwave pattern from a psychotic pattern into a healthy pattern and there for reduce symptoms of psychosis, depression and anxiety leaving you feeling refreshed, calm and relaxed.

Your body is an amazing orchestra of sounds and rhythms, a symphony of electro-chemical frequencies that can be directed by a music conductor. That conductor being YOU.

"Brainwaves are like fingerprints — everyone's sound a little different," Janet Appel.

The power of vibrational frequency is particulary potent when looking at healing your own personal psychosis because depression sufferers can become ‘within themselves’ and become less likely to reach out to others. A form of detachment from society can become quite crippling and causes a myriad of other symptoms making it harder to break free. By using sound healing through using an online session, it allows the user to start the process in the comfort of their own home and helps the sufferer to begin the process of clawing their way out of what can be a traumatic time internally.

We at Sangita Prana Sound Healing composed a sound healing session

‘Rewire Your Sentient brain” to heal the brain of depression that has derived through psychosis. This session incorporates specific frequencies and brainwave entrainment to calm psychosis down through vibrational therapy (binaural, monaural and iso-chronic tones). It is known to have a significant effect upon the brain and help calm the neurons into a healthier brain.

Please note: This session is not meant to replace the recommendations from your doctor, physician or care provider, if you are heavily depressed please reach out to the links provided below:


3.5hz: associated with relieving psychosis

172.06Hz: associated with anti depressive medicinal properties

528hz: associated with serotonin and a feeling of happiness, peace and warmth

20hz: There is a temporary shift in frequency to 20 hz which is associated with energising and bring vitality

1hz: Associated with feelings of well-being, harmony and balance.

BINAURAL BEATS Isochronic Tone Base Frequency:

90Hz Associated with balancing good feelings, security and well being

Isochronic Pulse:

0.9Hz associated with Euphoria

Binaural Beat Base Frequency:

172.06Hz associated with anti depressive medicinal properties

Download the full quality session Rewire Your Sentient Brain: Set Free Depression & Calm Psychosis

In Loving Resonance

Sangita Prana xx


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