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The Frequency of Happiness

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Happiness is..... eating chocolate whilst submerging yourself in a pack of fluffy puppies wearing a panda onesie and listening to the rain drops pitter patter on the window pane. Right? If only life was that simple. If only life allowed us to be that simple. Hands up if anyone has achieved advanced states of enlightenment that has given you 100% happiness and fulfilment? Anyone? Not me either! If there are no fluctuations in emotion, thought, feeling or awareness of spiritual self wouldn’t we get bored? Wouldn’t we Plato and extract ourselves from the wonderful array of what makes a human life live-able. After all, life is about learning, growing and loving one another. How can we learn if we do not make mistakes and make changes in life? To reach 100% happiness is an unrealistic goal and will only lead us to feel like a failure. Happiness is learning how to balance the Yin to the Yang, and only then will we truly feel alive.

In this blog we will look at ways to balance our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self enabling us to pursue our pathway to happiness that is positively balanced and will leave our being beaming with higher dimensional vibrations.

In the grand scheme of universal law, spiritual and scientific frequencies are what hold’s the universe together. It’s a form of energy that creates other energies, transforms, divides and multiplies every existence that has ever existed. It is a powerful tool for self healing. In this blog we are looking into ways to use frequency as a tool to find happiness that is in balance with our surroundings, personality type and life choices.

Dark and Light

There has to be ups and downs in life just as there has to be dark and light. Without trying to sound like a cliché, without darkness there is no light and without light there is no darkness. The same can be said about happiness. Without sadness or drive there is no happiness and without happiness there will be no drive for life. Society can often become overwhelming for us and with increasing demands of us as a good standing citizen, it’s no wonder our happiness and health takes a back seat.

It’s ok to allow ourselves to fall apart, it is not a form of weakness. It’s the putting ourselves back together again that shows the real strength of our souls. Holding in any form of emotion can be extremely damaging to our physical and mental health, learning to let go and open up about how we are feeling has the potential to unveil a plethora of negative emotions and be released into the ether.

Many seekers for happiness begin a spiritual search because they have experienced some kind of sadness or trauma in their lives and therefore the search begins to feel more complete, satisfied, positive, whole, and happy. We often become unstuck when we see many people that are perceived to be happy and unobtainably content. We only see what they want us to see. Everyone has a negative side and most people just downright lie about how happy their life is and thus we as a spiritual seeker loose the drive to succeed because we never live up to what we perceive to be as “happiness”.

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes and is very relevant to the individual. Like a fingerprint no two are the same. Every individual person has different levels on what fulfils them, what their goals are, how they view the world, how they cope and how they find answers. Watching A) a You-tuber buy their first million pound house after publishing only 12 videos on what they ate for the day is the end product of a very long hard working person that has dedicated their lives to their work and of course has had a good start in life allowing them to focus on just that. Some of us B) come from troubled backgrounds and therefore have to work hard at things that others take for granted. Are you A or B? if your B then the realistic short term goal for you is to become content with the everyday things and take pride in the small things like “I paid my bills today – yey me” or “I went for a walk in the woods by myself” or “I have had a whole week not freezing to death” all of these are massive milestones in life and should never be seen as anything less.

These achievements from person B can bring us pleasure through accepting these as goals we have achieved. Hell, who knows what could happen next, we might decide that we are ready to take it to the next level and become prime minister! The world is our playground and we can take advantage of what it brings us in any way that we like! If our life goal is to be happy living in the woods with no possessions there is nothing wrong with that just as, if our life goal is to buy a million pound house and have a Ferrari there is nothing wrong with that either.

Now here comes the science bit, everything has a frequency, a person, animal, cloud, blade of grass, a planet, star and even a chair or table. Yes it is true! Everything resonates from its conception. It is also well known that the big bang theory conceptualised because a mass of energy formed through a collapsing cloud of gases, forming our galaxy. But what created that? Frequencies = energy did, pretty cool huh. Where did those frequencies come from? No one knows not even Brian Cox could hazard a guess at that. Could it be God, Science, or something much more abstract? When that concept blows our minds it’s time to just let it be and just roll with it. Whatever the answer, what we should be concerned with is that frequency gives birth to us, it can adapt to help us, it can feed our physical and spiritual beings and heal us from harmful rays.

Take a look at the earth’s magnetic field for example, it protects us from solar winds and flying debris and harmful gases from space. Our magnetic field is not visible to the naked eye most of the time but can be measured by measuring its frequencies that it emits. However, every so often we do see its shield in action in the form of the awe inspiring sky show – the aurora borealis. But that’s beside the point. The point is even things that we usually cannot see has a frequency. Even ghosts or spirits are detected by frequency! We as human beings all have our own frequency, that is unique to us and finding happiness is dependable on where you lay in that frequency spectrum. We all have a core frequency but we also have specific frequencies that resonate from our hearts, organs, skin, hair, blood, teeth, cells and even our DNA. We are basically a walking orchestra! Happiness resonates and can be unlocked by a specific frequency too (we will get on to this later in this blog). Sound is an amazingly tool when working with the energies of the universe.

Physically happiness is a set of physical/mental hormones within the human body. How advanced our aura and soul are spiritually also contributes to this. If you have had a bad start in life your core frequency will need work, it will resonate much more in disharmony than harmoniously. Your physical and spiritual body can be worked on to enable you to get you to the stage where you are the same level as someone who has had a good start in life, you just have to work at it a teensy bit. This journey comes in many forms, diet, exercise, brainwave training, sound healing and meditation. One will compliment the other, but ALL needs to be looked at for each other to have any effect.