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Personalised Starmonics Journeywork

1 Hour Starmonics Video Customised To Your Needs

  • 1 h
  • 80 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

I will perform and make an individual, exclusive, personalised sound healing video for you that is designed to your exact needs. Please email to book and discuss your requirements. Starmonics Journeywork helps balance the mind, body and spirit with the energetic forces of the solar system. Starmonics uses specific frequencies that connect DNA activation with the core elements of stardust and uses the inner light pathways of electromagnetism and light as a tool for spiritual growth and ascension. Connecting your spiritual being with each planet, can enable a greater connectivity with source energy, raise vibration to aid transcendence and help with healing the physical and spiritual self. ​ Supercharge the spirit molecule through sacred geometry and vibrational therapies. Explore the celestial depths of the orchestrated universe with its elusive sounds and ethereal soundscapes. Be at one with the intricacy of the cosmos and its atmospheric resonances. The gravitational pull from each planet can affect the human body and interact with the spiritual system, like the pulling and pushing of the earth's tides, the body reacts in much the same way, mainly due to the fact that the body is composed of mainly water. The use of cymatics flourishes when the body resonates in-tune with the cosmos. As you connect with each planet, you are widening your earthly vibrations and are raising your frequency into alternate dimensions, thus connecting with source energy and heavenly bodies. What You Will Receive: 1 personalised starmonics video and starmonic sound healing music _____________________________________ Each session requires a free email consultation first to discuss your needs and outcome. Please email for more details... _____________________________________ If you would like to book one of these services, please email: to arrange _____________________________________ *Payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer

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