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What is Sound Alchemy ?

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Sound Alchemy is a form of vibrational energy medicine that can either be gentle or stronger and more invasive. Its a practice that uses vibration and its energetic properties for the transformation of one’s being to help balance between the energetic, spiritual, and physical body. It can come in many forms ranging from something that is gentle and pleasing to listen to, or it can be heard in something that is strong or uncomfortable to listen too. The stronger sound alchemy sessions are often used to banish or expel something during clearing, whilst the gentler sessions are more for calming and connecting.

Lets break this down...traditionally alchemy is an ancient chemistry in science that concerns itself with the transmutation of matter. Commonly this would convert base metals into gold ( for example). Sound Alchemy uses a magical process that includes both creation and transformation, allowing one substance to shift into another at cellular level. The universe is already seen as a whole and everything in it already has the potential to transmute from one form into another, no matter what its current or visible form is. Sound alchemy and traditional alchemy can be understood as the process of revealing something’s true nature within, which has always been completely whole.

We are all energetic beings, composed of particle atoms of energy. Everything in our universe is energy, and has its own individual frequency / vibration. The frequency at which a being or object vibrates at is called resonance. This resonance may be something that a human being can hear or it can be an inaudible waveform, never-the-less all waveforms produce sound or a vibration even if it is out of the reach of what we can hear. Resonance is the key to healing, it can alter one form to another through the art of sound alchemy.

What is the difference between sound healing and sound alchemy?

Sound healing uses sound, frequency and resonance to affect the spiritual, physical and energetic body. It uses many ways to heal such as brainwave entrainment, cymatics, periodicity, entrainment, infrasound/ultrasound ... plus so many more practices...Sound Alchemy uses all these forms of healing and takes these processes one step further. Sound alchemy uses frequency and vibration to alter, transform, heal and create connections with an energy that we all already have. It concerns itself with accessing those energies to transmute its properties into another. For example: to help one connect with their spiritual self, higher self or source energy from using their own physical being atomical properties or to transform emotional pain into strength.

Sound is a powerful medicine in all its healing forms to help energy rebalance itself. Sound alchemy is a form of transformational consciousness, the alchemical understanding is that we already are what we are seeking we just need to learn how to access it and learn how to transform it into our desired outcome.

Additionally, some sound alchemists use the parametric structures of sacred geometry. Everything in nature and the universe follows the laws of sacred geometry. A series of numbers creating patterns can be used with frequency manipulation to deepen the healing process. - manifesting one form to another with the use of the fibonacci sequence is very potent and commonly used within the sound healing community.

Here at Sound Energy Alchemist we take this even further as we combine all these practices with shadow work, using negative energies and transforming it into positive energies. Transmuting something evil into the beauty of love.

What Can Sound Alchemy Do?

As with the same in meditation, sound healing and sound alchemy is rarely experienced the same. We are all on our own spiritual paths which is subjective and is governed by our own perception of that. However, generally speaking Sound alchemy can help with

  • spiritual transformation

  • connecting with higher self

  • connect with source energy

  • transforming physical pain into an energy that can be expelled

  • transforming emotional issues into strength and finding happiness

  • transmuting hate into love

  • Repelling negative energies by using positive energetic resonances

  • chakra balancing, unblocking, renewing or healing

  • kundalini awakening

  • identifies and forms auric/energetic protection shields

  • accessing light language for activation, healing or transformational purposes

  • accessing angelic help

  • soul restoring and purifying

  • balancing the divine feminine and masculine energies

  • break spells or banish ill intention, removes black magic or curses

  • accessing akashic records for transmutation purposes

  • universe connection for enlightening purposes

  • heal ancestral trauma or heal family problems

  • pleiadian portal channeling or starseed cord connection

These are just a few examples, the list is endless as sound alchemy is so powerful in many ways, it penetrates an energetic field to cleanse, heal, connect, reveal or transform and transmute energy it its purest form.

We have a dedicated YouTube channel too Sound Alchemy, where you will find many free sound alchemy sessions:

In Loving Resonance

Sound Energy Alchemist


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