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Using Frequency To Improve Spirit Communication

spirit realm
Spirit communication

Frequency healing can be a very powerful tool when trying to connect with lost loved ones and to ask spirit guides for help and guidance. We, are all electrically charged resonating energy, a myriad of frequencies carried by the soul. Tuning into the language of frequency, we can receive messages and have telepathic conversations with our higher selves as well as spirit.

What Do Frequency and Spirit Have in Common? Light, sound, energy, matter are known to consist of various forms of frequency. Everything is energy. Everything, including spirits in existence is part of an interconnected web of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies. This “life source” connects all creation, from the beginning of time and existence. We are made up of vibrating atoms that emit energy. Those energies are born through frequency and vibrate at certain mhz or hz. Our energy field is influenced by our mood, attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions, which changes the rate at which the core of the frequency vibrates.

Human beings have an optimal individual frequency that occurs when our cells vibrate at the frequency they where designed to. Every human has a different core frequency that was created upon inception of being - through out space and time, from embryo to embryo, through every lifetime lived - It is the frequency we were given at energy inception not birh of our current physical body. However, it does change throughout our entire journey, it changes when we learn lessons, change attitudes, love more, master positive moods, alter belief systems and change perceptions. When we are in alignment with our soul’s calling, vibrating optimally and our intentions are pure, our goals manifest more easily and we become deeply connected with spirit.

Which is no surprise that frequency is a universal language for spirits to identify each other based on their vibrational frequency. No matter what dimension, plane, existence, lifetime we are on, frequency is what everything has in common with everything.

Aura Frequencies
Rainbow Spirit Spectrum

Develop Your Own Psychic Ability

To develop your mediumship abilities so that you are tuned into spirit frequency and its divination powers, you need to be aware of the 4 sacred senses:

See: Sparkles, fast movement in corner of eye, flashes of light

Hear: inner voices, frequencies sounded in the mind, sound out loud

Feel: emotions, mood, body temperature

Know: you know something before it happens, knowing

These senses appear in all of us, but most of us either don't engage with it or put it down to something else. Whenever these moments arise, you need to become aware of it and in the moment, acknowledge it, give thanks for the gift of awareness and quietly wait in a meditative state for further messages, instead of ignoring it. Once you acknowledge it and live in the moment, you are giving spirit your consent to communicate back. The message could be 'audible', 'visual', 'feeling' or you could just automatically 'know'.

Using divination tools can enhance the connectiveness such as tarot, ruins, sigils etc, but by far the strongest tool are musical instrument such as tuning forks, crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls. Tuning forks being the most potent. You can use these tools to summon or to respond to a spirit calling.

psychic reader
Psychic Divination

Tuning Forks in Divination

Tuning forks are by far the most potent of the new age healing instruments. The very form of them induce healing - as the two prongs on the fork causes a mini energy connection between the fork and its surroundings. Energy is forming vibration around the tuning fork once struck through nearby air molecules, setting off a chain of impacts that echo through the air and ripples into microscopic energy that will ripple into the core of existence. It quantum jumps through the divide of the earth realm into spiritual dimension

There are endless tuning forks frequencies to choose from on the internet, each giving many individual benefits. if buying a tuning fork use you intuition and the one you are drawn too the most.

Part of divination is hitting that sweet spot between the physical realm and the spiritual realm. Vibrations from a pure instrument such as a tuning fork, crystal bowl, guitar or gong can reach these places in a nano second.

Tuning forks
Tuning Fork Therapy

Create Your Sacred Space

Creating your own sacred space for meditation is the perfect place to partake in divination or mediumship. An alter may sound a witchy thing to do but the alter is your sacred space that will in time be a portal for any divination work that you do.

Witch alter
Witches Alter

You can put what you like in your sacred space - this could be candles, sage sticks, crystals, books, flowers, herbs, musical instruments such as tuning forks, things that mean something to you. The list is endless, there are plenty of blogs on the internet on how to setup an alter or sacred space. Once your familiar with this and have created your space ask your spirit guides to tune in to help guide and protect you during the divination session. Use your tuning forks or crystal bowl to start the process of communication, be at one with your intent, ask questions, give thanks, give blessings, then flow with the beautiful gift of spirit response.

**Be sure to always make a protection field around you during divination as the veil is thin, you are open to all kinds of spirits negative and positive. use protection frequencies, protection crystals, protection sigils, chant, light language, spells.. whatever you feel most comfortable with.


We have created a sound healing session to enable you to tune into these spirit connection frequencies more easily so that you can interconnect your own frequency with the intended spirit for communication. Perfect time to use this session is at the beginning of your sacred space divination session.

Frequencies Used (spirit box - spirit communication)

9hz- call upon spirits

68.05hz – scrying frequency

157.43hz - ignite chi

181.60 – harmony intuition

639hz – manifest cosmic connections

826hz – sonic séance

963hz – god / deity protection connection

4096hz – vibrational match with spirit

4160hz- vibrational match with spirit

44225 - vibrational match with spirit

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In Loving Resonance

-Jasmine (Sound Energy Alchemist)


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