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Quantum Dream States & Manifesting A Better Life

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Spiritual Evolution is in full force in our current time and as we are on the cusp of fully opening up the gates between dimensions and this world, our physical senses have evolved. Through dream we can now not only walk up to that gate, but we can open it, stepping over the threshold can come easily to some people whilst others find it hard to step between these worlds. During dream states we allow our auric fields and souls to travel beyond conventional views of reality.

Quantum dreaming directs us to a new level of consciousness, journeying beyond the parameters of time and space and far exceeding quantum physics. Quantum physics shows us that we all live in an endless world of possibilities - manifesting our own destinies and manipulating the power of thought into waking existence.

Our bodies fundamentally come down too sea water and stardust and within our DNA we hold stardust that was here from the beginning of time - codes that hold a collective ancestry and residual matter of the entire universe before and after the universe was created. That raw energy of creation that we carry is embedded in our memories, bodies and minds.

When we enter our dreams we are entering a portal into other dimensions, it is a disciplined art learning how to manipulate a dream into a quantum dream that can be used to our advantage. When we reach quantum dream state we can then use the laws of attraction to manifest what we want out of our lives and create a better future for ourselves. There are many processes we have to go through to be able to master the art of law of attraction during quantum dream state. While we are reaching dream state this is the perfect time to scan our own auras for any flaws or negative attachments and remove accordingly. Our aura's must be pure for the gate to open into the world of quantum dream state. During this time of healing and transformation, we are also raising our frequencies enabling us to travel great distances. Sound healing is the perfect tool in helping this process along with maintaining a state of relaxed attention on the cusp of sleep. As at this cusp we develop a heightened sense of awareness with the ability to operate in more than one reality.

Some say that when we dream, it is our brain getting rid of the unwanted junk that has accumulated over the years and its the brains way of de-cluttering. Which can be seen to be true,but there is another reason why we dream and that's preparing the body for future events that will happen in life and take action to avoid unwanted future events. We can also dream your way consciously into a better life, whether that be a better car, house, relationship, health or well being. For this too happen we have to of entered quantum dream states and we have to of learned how to awaken our choices during dream states.Sound healing can be a very powerful tool helping you to overcome these barriers and make way for the new quantum you.

Below is a sound healing session helping you on your way . . .

Sleep Hypnosis To Reach Quantum Dream State || Manifest Yourself A Better Future

We also recommend this quantum dreaming course by Robert Moss:

In Loving Resonance




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