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Supercharge The Spirit Molecule - Sonic Geometry & Meditation

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

The spirit molecule expands our understanding of the nature of a multi dimensional consciousness. At the centre of human existence lies a molecule within all living beings. This must not be misunderstood as DMT or taking any form of psychedelics, as this way will only lead you down a false spiritual path. The true spirit molecule is wrapped within our DNA and relies heavily from the energy we create through our chakras and auric system. To awaken, ascend, heal the molecule we must work on our spiritual aura first. This can be done through meditation, sound healing and Reiki.

To fully embrace the metaphysical aspect, the consciousness leaves the body and exists independently during post death, where we visit other realities, universes and dimensions. This phenomenon, is caused by the release of an intensely hallucinogenic molecule called N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) during death. The function of the spirit molecule and how it plays within the body are currently unknown, but may play a vital role in enabling brain cells to survive for longer periods when oxygen is cut off. However we do not need to die to achieve this state: time, patience and dedication is the key. Accessing natural DMT is a great practice and requires dedication, but it can be done without the use of hallucinogens. Using hallucinogens will only lead you to just that 'a halluination' not real experiences that exist.

Everything in the universe is made up of small geometrical shapes that can be broken down into just 1 single shape - sacred geometry: The Flower of Life. Creation and life itself has a sacred geometric pattern. Creation: from the stars, too planets, plants, animals and humans all derive from the same stuff: stardust. Where we are at this point in time has a direct correlation of energy transference from each planet within our solar system. Each planet affects us differently. We are familiar with the moon affecting our moods and emotions, it is the same with the other planets. To transcend consciousness, Saturn's energy / frequency has the ability to raise our human consciousness into etheric states of existence, allowing for expansion within the multi dimensions. Its disciplined energy focuses on connecting individual spiritual journeys with the existence of source energy. It is important we maintain this connection so that when we pass, we crossover smoothly, and our spirit family will be able to find us easily. It is also important while we live our human lives to stay connected with our higher selves, keeping a toe dipped in the spirit world helps us stay PURE positive beings, and leaves us less likely persuaded by negative or ill intentions that is prevalent on earth.


Manifest Your Intentions And Meditate.

Imagine your spirit floating in a void of nothingness (the space in deep space), blackness all around - then imagine you consciousness as an empty circle, with that comes awareness of the edges of that circle, float toward the circle and ride along the full 360 degree circumference. Once you have done this stay on the outer line at any point and repeat the circle causing an overlap of 2 circles (that creates an eye type shape in the middle). At this point meditate that you are a pure being of light, once again flow that light and rotate the circle and stop at the axis of both circles and repeat the process until you have created 'the seed of life' geometric pattern.

Meditate on the seed of life, and imagine the creation of the universe, our earth and life as we know it. Imagine you can feel a spiritual pull from Saturn's energy - pulling you in closer and closer. Now continue to add as many circles to the pattern concentrating on the elements air, water, fire, energy and manifest your intentions within these elements, you do not have to do them all, one will be suffice. All the while Saturn's cord is still gravitating you towards it. Use your intuition on which elements feels right. You are creating the flower of life in your consciousness - and accessing your own personal spiritual pathway that has manifested or is yet to be manifested. Once you have completed as many circles as you like imagine that your spirit has reached Saturn and are sitting on the surface. Have a look around... what do you see ? You may find pieces of your future right before you. Be aware sometimes, these often come through like a jigsaw puzzle, abstract pieces that your physical mind has to put together.

Use the law of attraction during meditation and allow your aura and chakra's to breathe openly between each other and each circle within the flower of life. Be at one with Saturn's energy, don't be afraid to ask for guidance. your spirit guides will be with you throughout the whole journey, so you will never be alone.

We released an hour of sound healing specifically for this type of multi dimensional meditation, helping you awaken your spirit molecule through frequency and vibration therapy.

The Spirit Molecule Sound Healing composition is part of our Starmonics App

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