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Mirror Magick ~ Frequency Alchemy

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

The magic mirror can become a powerful tool within divination, meditation, ritual, transformation, healing, portal ascension, casting/reversing spells, truth searching and soul reflection. Whilst staring into a mirror, the mirror can be used to reach trance like states for these purposes, once reached, visuals start to change before the eyes and are either warped abstract visuals that can be seen or a more direct true to self visualisation can be interpreted.

Like reading a crystal ball, mirrors can be used to enchant your own reflection for divination purposes. Mirrors are especially useful when trying to reflect ill intent back to the sender, as a mirror reverses an image to the onlooker. They can be used to offer protection during scrying and/or meditation.

The user can utilise different methods for their intended purpose and use mirror magic with other tools such as sound healing and frequency manipulation.

A mirror initially reveals our current reality and how we see ourselves, however they don't always reveal our true nature due to our own perceptions, hang ups and wanting's of ourselves - so we see what we want to see, rather than the true self. This is perceived as 'our mirror image'. Initially, the key is to overcome these perceptions of ourselves and look at the 'mirror opposite' reflection during meditation to really see what others physically see and what we truly look like. Taking it deeper, the next step is to see your true soul reflection and the real YOU, removing all visual perceptions from your physical body that looses the subjective you and to see the individual reality of your being. Once this has been fully realised, you can then use mirror magic for your intended purpose during ritual, divination or meditation.

Frequency Healing, Scrying & Reflective Magic

When combining the art of mirror magic with music and/or frequency healing it can concoct a very powerful spiritual tool for you within your practice. Frequency and vibration govern everything within the universe, everything has a vibration and therefor everything has a frequency. Above physical matter, our thoughts and intentions also carry a vibration/frequency. When we think of an object (for example) we are using energy vibrations to conjure the minds eye visual of that object. That specific frequency can then be used with the laws of cymatics, entrainment and periodicity to modify, change, adapt, or alter the frequency into something else: sound alchemy. It is especially potent using within reflective magic.

Any reflective surface always reflects back its energy into another space in time. When the sun shines onto a piece of metal, the suns energy is directed off the surface of the metal and transported in the opposite direction back to the source of the sun. Using this example, the suns vibration frequency is coded within that energy that is being re-directed and therefor those frequencies are being altered by the receiver and sent back to the sender. This analogy can be used across your own practice to fulfhil your own intended purpose.

If you think you might be hexed, cursed or a receiver of energetic ill intent, you can follow this ritual to help you send back that energy to the receiver.

Take a candle and place it in front of a mirror, stand or sit in front of the mirror. Play our Magic Mirror ~ Return To Sender (the video can be found below) session. Start by going through the previous exercise of finding your true reflection of yourself, then to connect with you true energetic being.

Now, focus your intention so that you let the mirror see any dark intentions/voodoo etc in and around you, this may take some time for your physical reality to shift to the shadow spiritual reality of yourself. Once you feel your connecting with it, use the law of reflection to redirect that energy from the mirror into the candle flame. The frequencies being absorbed by our session during this ritual will aid this process of transmutation. Visualise that dark energy whirling in and around the candle flame. Once established and you feel ready, you have two options:

1: snuff the candle out for eliminating all negative energies to be dispersed into the universe, whilst forming a protection barrier for yourself


2: let the candle burn out completely in front of the mirror to return it back to the sender. (you need to be in the same space whist this process is taking place)

If using your own sound healing instruments such as tuning forks or crystal bowls, we recommend these frequencies:

9Hz: Reflects dark magic

68.05Hz: Scrying frequency

826Hz: Sonic Seance frequency

4096Hz: Return negative energies to sender


In Loving Resonance

Jasmine ~Sound Energy Alchemist


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