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Six Sounds That Heal

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

The healing power of sound can influence many aspects within in our beings. It can have subtle but profound effects upon our emotions, spirit, well-being, mental, physical and spiritual state. Like an orchestra, your body harmonises in-tune with your higher being and creates oneness, peace, happiness and well-being. If one instrument within the orchestra is out of tune - illness and disease can occur.

How does sound heal us ?

Everything vibrates and has a core frequency. When we can tap into those frequencies vibration can alter the tuning and cause it to rise or fall, slow or speed up, get louder or quieten. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of Cymatics and entrainment. Cymatics brings matter to life through the emerging field of quantum physics, waves of energy patterns that entrainment can grab hold of and amend a frequency into harmony and wellness.


Six Sounds That Can Heal

1) RAIN:

Rain is mesmerising, relaxing and enchanting - it radiates peacefulness and a sense of warmth within our emotions. It can dissolve away negative energy and renew your being into harmony. Natural white noise from rain allows us to concentrate on the monotony of the tone allowing us to reach peacefulness, sense of calm and thus can aid sleep. The white-noise effect from rain allows our minds to fixate our thoughts on the rain sound, and blocks anything else out.

2) Drumming:

Rhythm can promote healing and self-expression reduce tension, stress and anxiety because it allows us to focus on the test at hand. It can produce a deeper sense of awareness by inducing synchronicities in brain activity and help connect the mind with the spirit and body. Drumming can also aid meditation, trance and enlightenment by placing us in the moment. It can induce altered states of consciousness changing brain wave frequencies into therapeutic states of enlightenment through creating a sense of connectedness with one self, the world around and other people. It can also reduce negative energy and feelings by releasing blockages through the pulsing of vibration.

3) Chant: A Mantra penetrates the depths of the unconscious mind and helps in attaining spiritual connection. OM is the chant we mainly know it produces the vibration which allows us to feel at one with nature. Chanting the mantra repeatedly stimulate the energy chakras and allows free flow of energy and healing. A Mantra is the living force of universal energy and can stimulate spiritual growth. Chanting can open us up to different levels and dimensions, allowing us to freely intervene with many energies within the universe. It can awaken and purify the heart and mind and can benefit people with healing within many areas.