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FORMAT: MP3 / Digital Download

MINUTES: 03:36


This sound alchemy session concentrates on cord cutting any toxic ties we have with a loved or unloved one. To help with removing the bond, shielding from further attempts to re-bond and liberate the soul so that the energy body can live and love in freedom.


Our Toxic Bonds Removal Digital Single is the perfect spiritual tool to help you remove toxic ties, cut cords and engage in shadow work. Through sound alchemy and spiritual energy healing, this digital single will help you to gain clarity and free yourself from debilitating energy bonds. This single is designed to help you move forward in life with a renewed sense of vitality and freedom.



90Hz: Energy Shield

197Hz: Protection against ill intent

400 Hz: Transmute toxic ties into freedom

2222Hz: Energy Balance + clean negative karma

Toxic Bonds Removal | Digital Single

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