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FORMAT: MP3 Digital Download

MINUTES: 08:03m


Survival Protection | Release From Constant State of Fight Or Flight Mode

INFO: Free yourself from the stress response evolved from our survival mechanism. It can be exhausting to the mind, body and soul to be continually in the flight or fight state. Taking some time away each day can help your survival instincts, boost your energy, release stress, help cope with trauma and increase mental strength, thus helping you cope with an ever increasing stressful world. Restore your energy field / aura / energy body field and feel release from that constant state of fight or flight mode we are all facing.



0.30hz: (binaural beat) depression clearing

38hz: (binaural beat) endorphin release & mental strengthening booster

285Hz: Wellness & Purification

528Hz: Positive Transformation & Negativity Protection Brown Noise: Calms the mind and clears racing thoughts

Survival Protection | Digital Single

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