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Hypno Harmonics | Reprogramme The Subconscious Mind | Design Your Life In Your Sleep



FORMAT: MP3 / Digital Download

MINUTES: 03:31m


This sound alchemy session is designed to help reprogramme the subconscious mind into accepting an abundance of good luck, manifestation and transformation. If you are not living the life you want, then we can manifest it through the law of attraction. These frequencies can help design the life that you want through your subconscious mind manifesting it in your sleep.


Our Re-programme The Subconscious Mind digital single from Hypno Harmonics is the ultimate tool for designing the life you want. This transformative audio program is designed to help you manifest abundance by transmuting negative thoughts into positive affirmations. By tapping into the power of your subconscious mind, you can attract the abundance and success you desire. With our Re-programme The Subconscious Mind digital single, you can take control of your thoughts and transform your life for the better.





36hz: Oneness and Absolution

70.40hz: Transmute negative karma into a positive outcome

324hz: Transformation and Growth

639Hz: Manifestation

777hz: Attract Abundance

999Hz: Soul Purification

1052hz: Open Lotus


Re-programme The Subconscious Mind | Digital Single

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