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FORMAT: MP3 Digital Download

MINUTES: 04:05m


Unlock quantum power to change your reality and manifest miracles in your life. Using the frequencies of Tesla 3 6 9 to enhance the connection between you and the universe. This healing frequency session can help you connect with the universe to help manifest miracles, raise enlightenment and boost anything you desire through law of attraction. Experience the power of Quantum Vibration and Sound Alchemy combined with Sound Codes to help you connect with the Universe and tap into its healing power. Our Universe Connection offers you an opportunity to explore the realms of sound to create profound healing and transformation in your life. Unlock your full potential by connecting with the Universe and allow its vibrational energy to bring balance, peace and harmony to your life.




369hz: Universe Energy

963hz: Deity Connection

639hz: Manifest Connections

36hz: Tesla Deep Healing

108hz: Tesla Deep Healing

144hz: Tesla Deep Healing

Quantum Vibration | Sound Codes | Universe Connection | Digital Single

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