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Psychic Power Developer | Intuition & Insight




FORMAT: MP3 / Digital Download

MINUTES: 03:02m


This sound alchemy session focuses on enhancing your psychic abilities which is useful in all forms of divination, meditation and healing. Focusing on increasing power by connecting with higher dimensional help and stimulating the 3rd eye. If we are connected with our higher dimensional self, beings and energies we are able to gain much more positivity, clarification and insights into our and other futures, wellbeing and life. During these spiritual connections we can also as for hep and guidance and manifest anything we desire.


Our Psychic Power Developer Intuition & Insight helps you tap into your inner psychic power. With the help of higher dimensional energy, you can open up your 3rd eye and gain insight into what lies beyond. We provide healing frequencies and sound alchemy to help you increase your intuition and gain clarity on your life path. Through this process, you can unlock your inner power and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.



89hz: Increase spiritual power

639hz: manifest connections

720hz: 3rd eye enhancer

852hz: 3rd eye activator

999hz: Higher dimensional help



Psychic Power Developer | Intuition & Insight | Digital Single

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