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Manifest Your Dream Job | Healthy Work Environment & Career

MEDIUM: Digital Download


DURATION: 05:07m



This sound alchemy session uses frequencies to balance the yin yang in the auric system to help maintain a balanced life so that the universe continues to support you life goals. It also uses frequencies for manifestation, manifesting anything you want in life. Subtle frequencies are also involved for vibrational match with the soul star which is the gateway for divine love and spiritual wisdom - connecting with this lesser known chakra (soul star) we can live in pure love and universal wisdom which can lead to many abundance of blessings from the law of attraction. If you meditate asking for your dream job and your own personal requirements, being in tune with the soul star and the frequencies involved in the session it makes the whole spiritual process much more powerful. We have also incorporated the transcendental self chakra frequency for boosting your own transcendence, manifestation and healing purposes.

Manifest Your Dream Job | Healthy Work Environment & Career

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