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FORMAT: MP3 / Digital Download

MINUTES: 03:21m


Escape the curse of loneliness | attract true friends & soul family

Attract true connections with this sound alchemy session. In an ever increasing world of isolation, it is important to create physical connections with people. The people that are meant to be in your lives, true friends, soul family, soul tribe and pure connections. Energy needs igniting by other energies or it will become dampened, weak and you may feel a sense of isolation and lost.


This digital single, Escape The Curse of Loneliness, is designed to help you break free from the feeling of loneliness and attract true and meaningful friendships. It is filled with powerful sound alchemy and energy to help you connect with your soul family and manifest pure connections. With its healing and spiritual energy, you will be able to find and attract your soul tribe.



89hz: Restores auric order and spiritual connections

210.42hz: Harnessing moon energy for soul tribe calling

384hz: Yin Yang polarity - balance all chakras during healing

639hz: Manifest true cosmic connections

1428hz: Divine gateway - opens manifesto process

Escape The Curse of Loneliness | Digital Single

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