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FORMAT: MP3 / Digital Download

MINUTES: 03:27m


Our Universe and its particles can influence each other in a kind of telepathy called entanglement. This connection allows two particles operated by distance to behave as a single entity. What ever affects one affects the other. This sound alchemy session is designed to align your energy with a chosen other (willingly) albeit another person, spiritual energy, source, spirit guide etc...once this connection is established you are then able to work in cosmic entanglement and to manifest anything you desire. You can uncover behaviours that are stopping you from living a life in alignment and happiness. Using EAM (Energy Alignment Method) allows you to easily tune into your own energy and get clarity on which you would like to uncover, achieve and manifest it into existence.



369hz: Universe Energy

963hz: Deity Connection

639hz: Manifest Connections

108hz: Tesla Deep Healing

Energy Entanglement | Attract the Life You Deserve | Digital Single

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