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Divine connection | Free Yourself From Caring What Others Think Of You 

MEDIUM: Digital Download


DURATION: 04:35m


PREVIEW: Youtube


Caring what people think is inherently instilled deep within us since childhood through social interactions. We do not have these traits at birth and it is not naturally what we should be feeling. However as babies we learn quickly from others and respond to our environment. Caring what people think from a negative viewpoint that makes you feel bad or sad is not in our DNA it is not in our soul or spirit. 


This frequency session concentrated on connecting with the soul spirit through hemi sync frequencies to release trauma, heal emotional wounds, gain self love and emotionally cleanse the aura, making way for blessings of light so that you can revert back to soul state and free yourself of these traits.




Frequencies Used

68.05hz: Divine Connections

99hz: Blessings of Light

174hz: Trauma Release

272.02hz: Balance Emotion

528hz: Self Love

741hz: Emotional Cleanse

1111hz: Divine Energy Shift

Divine Connection | Free Yourself From Caring What Others Think | Digital Single

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