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The Divine TREE | Nourish WILLPOWER, Focus & Growth | Seed Magic


To be able to achieve goals in life a person has to consider it as a journey and within that journey there has to be change. Whilst change can sometimes be excruciating, it is better to think of willpower as a muscle - the more you use it - the easier it gets.


Willpower has to be enhanced by the individual - change has to come from YOU - however motivation can be boosted through the power of sound and energy, helping you transition. The healing power of trees holds many magical properties and can bring us rebirth and aid the cycle of growth. They can facilitate change and strengthen the power of will.


This sound healing session is designed around frequencies connected with trees and the universe. Trees also make a great gateway for asking the universe for help through the law of attraction.


Plant the seed and let it grow.




Please wear stereo headphones with a good wide range of frequencies. It is recommended to use this sound healing session for 2 - 3 times for the first week and then whenever you feel the pull towards it there after. __________________________________________



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The Divine TREE | Digital Single

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