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Target The Source Of Your Curses, Black Magic, Hexes & Spells | Return To Sender

INFO: a sound alchemy session to help you identify the source of any ill intent you feel that has been put upon yourself. Whilst listening to this please meditate and ask the universe who is the sender of Your Curses, Black Magic, Hexes or Unwanted Spells...The answer may appear straight away or it may appear in a dream or vision. Listen to the session again once you feel confident in the source and ask for all the ill intent to be sent back to the sender.



9HZ: Call upon unwanted attachments

68.05HZ: Scrying frequency

99HZ: Return all unwanted negative energies

396HZ: Banish and dissolve negative energies

544.44HZ: Cord cutting

Target The Source Of Curses | Digital Single

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