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MINUTES: 02:32m


Quantum Jumping | Reality Shifting | Manifest Anything

INFO: quantum jumping also known as quantum shifting, timeline jumping or going to parallel universes is part of the multi-verse quantum theory. Quantum Jumping is an abrupt transition of the "quantum system" which is an atom, molecule, atomic nucleus, etc from one energy level to another. In spiritual terms it can be used to shift between timelines to make your reality what you wish it to be and manifest anything you wish to change or desire. To do this jump or shift in time, you need to use a portal, also known as doing portal work. Water is a natural portal that we can access easily. We can use the frequencies of water and quantum frequencies to help enter this portal for shifting. Every time you make a decision your life splits in half, you can choose to go one way or the other, but the one not chosen still exists and you are able to access these dimensions through quantum shifting. When we pull upon a memory from our mind's we are essentially quantum shifting, especially when daydreaming or night dreaming. Acessing those frequencies involved in memory pulling can heighten the ability to quantum jump.





Manifestation Through Intent: 888hz

Quantum Shifting: 7hz (theta wave)

Memory Pulling Activation: 40hz

Quantum Jumping | Digital Single

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