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Primal Light ( Shamanic Sleepwave)

MEDIUM: Digital Download

FORMAT: Zip File / MP3


PREVIEW: Youtube


A 5 track album consinsting of


1: Interstella Ghost

2: Primordial Light

3: Ritual

4: Water Shaman

5: Womb


Ambient Music for relaxation, meditation, study and sleep

The Primal Light EP is a must-have for any ambient shamanic enthusiast. With its deep shamanic textures and soothing soundscapes, this album is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere that will transport you to a peaceful sleep wave. The soft, slow rhythms of the music will carry you away on a journey of deep relaxation, making it the ideal soundtrack for your sleep-scape. With five tracks of pure bliss, the Primal Light EP is the perfect addition to your ambient music collection.



Primal Light | 5 Track EP

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