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Banish Sexual Exchange | Eliminate Energy From Past Sexual Partners

INFO: A sound alchemy session to help rid your energetic body of bad energies. When we are intimate with someone we carry remnants of their energy around with us and can take a long time for that energy to disperse. We have created an alchemy piece to speed that process up so that you can be free of the energy of a past partner or loved one, enabling you to exchange energy with the right partner. Exercise: as an extra protection layer you can burn a black candle whilst listening to this session and write the initials of your ex and yours at each side of a cord. Burn the cord straight down the middle and disconnect the energetic association you have with this person. (Please make sure you are doing this safely and have a bowl of water to extinguish the burnt rope if neccesary)



Remove Negative Energy: 396Hz

Cord Cutting: 544.44Hz Tantra Transmutation: 288Hz

Banish Sexual demos: 55Hz

Violet Flame Energy Shift: 70.40Hz

Banish Sexual Exchange | Digital Single

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