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Frequencies Of The Forest

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

The forest has a whole world of magical frequencies, an orchestra of primal energy that can heal, balance and

connect. The energy around trees have guardians or spirits that help connect trees together as ONE and this is how they communicate with others around them. These guardians are known as dryads, very ancient, wise and elemental beings. There are also other energies that help create the balance within the forest known as nature spirits, elementals and tree spirits which reside within the tree itself.

Nature spirits, elementals and tree spirits are galactically coded, and this wisdom is held within the trees of the forest. One energy governs the forest, which is the job of the Wizard or what can also be known as the Green Man.

We as human beings are able to join in with these energetic conversations for healing and guidance. Connecting with tree spirits primarily can help towards grounding the root chakra as well as help connect with earthly energies and connect spiritual realms with the earthly realms for better communication and healing. It can also help to ease any depression and free the mind from negative patterns and free anxiety and can give a great sense of stress release.

Tree energy has an extra gift for us as human beings in that they offer their energy freely to us as well as to other multidimensional beings. This can be utilised as a form of natural magic: to heal, enhance, remove, change or alter an energy. When we hug a tree, it is known to many believers and non-believers that a great sense of calmness and energetic flow is experienced. We are essentially transferring our negative, tired energies, which is being taken in by the dryads and positive energy is returned to us. During this energy exchange, we are able to release pent up negativity, ground ourselves or help reconnect with nature and we will often receive a loving flow of healing from a tree, plant or the entire forest.

Trees and their guardians are able to create portals and magical gateways for our spiritual, physical and interdimensional energies to reach far and wide within the universe. Their energy is available for us and interdimensional energies to use. We can connect with this energy through being near a tree or plant. Whilst meditating, we will start to feel the aura of the forest to which the possibilities of healing are endless.

Some plants and trees have a two way nutrient system known as xylem and the phloem (responsible for the movement of water, nutrients and proteins) which is similar to our own bio system (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). Because we are ONE with nature, the energy that drives xylem and phloem can have a direct impact upon our own bio system. Once connected with a tree, It is a great way to focus and shift energy to areas of needed healing by perceiving that energy flowing during meditation. It is an excellent way of dispersing energy nutrition to our aura, soul, light-being and interdimensional self.


Visualise yourself as a tree, take note of how you look, how your branches are formed and how your leaves move in the wind. How tall and wide are you ? what is the colour of your leaves and bark ? what is the colour of the energy that surrounds you ? Are there any creatures that have made a home on you or around you ? Are you a young sapling, in your prime or an ancient tree ? Once you feel you can visualise these, now visualise yourself in the changing seasons and how it makes you feel, and change anything you would like to change. Remove any debris or fungi you may have. Use the magic of tree energy to change anything you desire on your tree self. Then, deepen the visualisation by feeling the connection with other trees around your until you can reach the entire forest.


Everything has a frequency, the frequencies from the forest are the same as the energy itself that holds the forest together. Listen to the enchanting sounds in the forest. Take note of the sounds you make. Is it a low, medium or high hum ? do you hear birds, creatures or mythical creatures ? do you hear your leaves rustling or the creaking of your branches ? What sounds is your trunk making ? do you hear your root system ? what do they sound like?

Now you will be ready to meditate and use the forest's energy as a form of healing, ascendance or astral travel. You hold the frequency of the gateway and the possibilities are endless.


Frequencies will differ from tree to tree, forest to forest and Dryad to Dryad. This can only be connected with when in the physical presence of a particular forest. However, we can generalise the primal existence of forest energy as the entire universe is governed by the fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio. When using frequencies in sound healing we can tap into that primal space within the forest. A space that was once physically ONE. So we can tap into those frequencies when we are away from nature and need a little help. These frequencies are:

1.618hz: Golden Ratio Phi Frequency

55hz: Fibonacci Frequency

89hz: Fibonacci Frequency

34hz: Fibonacci Frequency

144hz: Fibonacci Frequency

233hz: Fibonacci Frequency

396hz: Root Chakra

126.22hz: Tree Spirit Frequency

These frequencies can also be used to easily access the whole process of tree connection whilst in the forest too. So using headphones and a music player whilst in the woods can give you a quicker, more direct access to the ancient energies and Dryads.

We created a sound healing / sound alchemy session for you!

Connect with nature with this Sound Alchemy Session

In Loving Resonance

Sound Energy Alchemist


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