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The Sound Energy Alchemist are a sound healing company specialising in sound alchemy to relax, support, clear, strengthen and enlighten the body, soul and mind. We focus mainly on shadow work, light work and spiritual growth using frequency manipulation, healing frequencies and frequency therapy.


We use a combination of sound healing techniques too bring happiness and love into peoples lives through the use of rife frequencies, shadow work, music medicine techniques, binaural beats, brainwave entrainment, universe connection alchemy, vibrational healing and meditation music. through using energy intuitive tones, sound ceremonies, rituals and frequency entrainment therapy.


Our sound healing products can induce healing, relaxation states, alter perception, help with transcendence and purifying the soul and mind.

Sound Energy Alchemist  music uses advanced bio-resonance tools for consciousness evolution. We often use the parametrical structures of sacred geometry within each of our sound designs. We use frequencies that are connected to  planetary alignment, light, sound and electromagnetism to deepen the connection with physical and spiritual matter. To deepen the healing process we use brainwave entrainment processes to promote relaxation, brain-hemisphere synchronization, cognitive and bio-energetic development to enhance altered states of consciousness, including beta, delta, theta and alpha states.

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