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Royalty Free Frequency
Sample Packs

Each sample packs has 30 second samples in the purest form of sound (sine wave) set at specific frequencies labeled in each track


Licensing Info

Each sample pack album is completely royalty free for you to use as you like. You are free to use within your music/sound healing releases and are able to upload to any social platforms and music streaming platforms without any copyright strikes

You are free to amend, adjust, sample, lengthen these frequencies as you desire. Or they can be used as a short burst healing for the listener.

*Please note we do not allow for direct re-sales of the content of each sample pack

Holistic Healing

rfs - holistic healing.jpg

Light Language


Spiritual Growth

RFS spiritual growth.jpg

Planet Frequencies

rfs - planet frequencies.jpg

Gaia Earth

rfs gaia earth.jpg


rfs chakras.jpg

Shadow Work

RFS - shadowwork.jpg
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