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Psychic Protection Shield | Gentle Gong Meditation | Gong Healing Music


Gong meditation for healing. ✧ Psychic Protection ✧ Centred around 417hz ✧ Deep Meditation ✧ Gong Meditation ✧ Gong Sound Healing ✧ Gong Therapy ✧ 1 Hours


The aura provides a natural layer of protection and acts in similar way to the Earth's atmosphere. The Earth’s protective shield cuts out the harmful radiation from the sun. The task of our aura is to protect us from incoming harmful energies whilst absorbing the good vibrations our universe has to offer. If our energetic field is weak other people can severely drain our energy. It is important to incorporate some form of psychic protection into our everyday life, to bring additional strength to our energy field.



Please wear stereo headphones with a good wide range of frequencies. It is recommended to use this meditation session for as part of your meditation practice - or whenever you feel the pull towards it. Many people believe that if they are working ‘in love and light’ nothing can harm them. Unfortunately this is not true, daily aura cleansing is vital in modern society. It is not just people we need to protect our auras from, it is also electromagnetism from harmful electrical equipment and the harmful rays they emit. Just as we may attract the attention of guides and angels as we follow our spiritual path, we can also attract the attention of less desirable beings, energies or bad karma.



This composition centres around 4 main vibrational energies of 417hz, 396hz, 4096hz and 7.83hz.


417 Hz: one of the solfeggio frequencies which removes negative energy from the body and wipes out negative thoughts and behaviour patterns. It can reverse and undo negative happenings.


396hz: Also known as the frequency that awakens our root chakra it can dissolve negative thinking and break free from negative patterns. It grounds our physical and spiritual bodies to our earthly pathways making a clear path for us to fulfill our purpose


4096: Also known as the basis at which crystals emit their healing. This frequency can clear negativity and help reintroduce pure tranquil energies into our meridian and chakra systems.


7.83hz: It is also known as the schuman response for facilitating change, strengthening the aura and help us align our energies with the earth’s resonance, grounding and raising our positive vibrations whilst living a physical human life. 








© Copyright 2019 Music and Video: Mystical Moon Records

Psychic Protection Shield | Digital Single

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