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Power Upgrade | Overcome Fear of Rejection, Criticism & Judgment

MEDIUM: Digital Download


DURATION: 04:35m


PREVIEW: Youtube


It’s human nature to feel insecure sometimes, fearful of rejection, criticism, judgment and to care what people think of you. When we are vibrating at a higher level these human traits become less and less worthy of our existence. The realisation that our time on earth is fleeting and the energies we reside in are to teach us how to vibrate intuitively with the universe and its energies that prepare us for a much greater existence in the after life. Once the soul recognises this as our truth , all those fears and anxieties dissipate. That said, we are human is a human form and these traits can be trying for us at times and can take many years and experience to master not o care about these emotions. At the end of the day we are all one energy, whomever resonates in a lower vibration and makes you feel insecure, gives rejection, criticism and is judgmental hasn’t even come close to learning their spiritual self to realise that they are you, you are them, everyone is the same, we come from the same source and we will go back to that same source as we are one.


This sound frequency session concentrates on restore your auric order in the universe and to help regain connection with truth of your being. It also concentrates on reducing those fears and anxieties enabling you to work on restoring your equilibrium, balance and state of spiritual being. Increasing self worth, confidence, happiness and mood to upgrade and boost the journey of evolving energy.




89hz: restores Auric Order

136.1hz: OM- reduces anxiety and overcomes fears

182hz: discipline upgrade

250hz: mood enhancer

321.9hz: seratonin resonance

414hz: restores emotional equilibrium

999hz: soul purification

Power Upgrade | Overcome Fear | Digital Single

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