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Hamsa Happiness | Protection Against Evil Eye Protection against evil eye is a sound healing session to help get rid of any negativity and replace it with positivity and happiness, as well as shield yourselves from any further evil entering the system. Using a variety of protection frequencies it will help you too shield against bad luck, negative energy and ill intent, such as psychic vampirism. Use this session as an energy shield.


FREQUENCIES USED 38hz: Endorphin Release 321.9hz + 528 Hz: Happiness Frequency 7.83hz: Strengthen and Protect Aura 4096: Clear Negative Energy 963hz + 10000hz: Activate 3rd Eye Shield 197hz Full Body Protection


GUIDELINES Please wear stereo headphones with a good wide range of frequencies ( earphones will not be suffice ). Please listen on a medium to high volume. It is recommended to use this sound healing session for 2-3 times for the first week and then whenever you feel the pull towards it there after.





Hamsa Happiness 🧿 Digital Single

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