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FORMAT: MP3 / Digital Download

MINUTES: 04:05m


Energy Shield of Protection - Block negative energy absorption is designed to armour your aura with a strong energy shield against negative people and negative energies / entities. Using protection frequencies to fully engage the spiritual armour! This Energy Shield Of Protection is designed to block negative energies and absorb black negativity. It is made with powerful frequency healing and healing frequencies to help protect you from outside negativity. With this energy shield, you can stay safe and secure from negative energies. The shield helps to keep your aura and energy field free from negative influences. The Energy Shield Of Protection is the perfect way to protect yourself and your energy against negative energies.



68.05hz: protection shield- block negative energy

197hz: protection against evil

396hz: block negative energy

555hz: radiant aura

800hz: Block hurtful energies

9999hz: activate Lightbody for protection

Energy Shield Of Protection | Digital Single

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