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Sonic Séance - Back To Their Realm

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Negative entities can sometimes form attachments onto our beings and have an influence on our mental and physical well-being. They can attach themselves to human beings as parasites, causing various emotional, mental, spiritual and physical problems. A human being absorbs and exhibits a particular kind of energy that can be easily accessed once the body is rundown and energetically open.

Once evicted from an individual, a journey of soul cleansing can then be sought. Entity removal can become very tiring for the individual, but it is possible with time, effort and faith.

Sound Healing or Music Medicine can be quite effective when trying to dispel evil. Frequency, vibration and sound is the only way an entity (good or evil) can penetrate into the earth's dimension. A spiritual being is wholly an energetic vibration. Sound Healing creates a magical field that forces evil and disturbed souls to leave you and/or return to their realm. By using these frequencies an evil entity just cannot cling on too you in the earth realm. They simply cannot exist and will disperse from your being/aura and surroundings.

This banishing process can also bring positive energies into your life, as there will be more frequency space for those positive frequencies to grow and strengthen with good energies. This- in time strengthen the ability to protect from any further negative attachments taking hold.


Negative attachments can be overlooked sometimes and be prescribed as depression, anxiety or a physical ailment. It is important that you do get your self checked by a medical profession just in case it might be something physical. Sometimes though, medicine cannot find anything wrong with you and most of the time it is signed off as unknown or you may be labelled or put into a certain category. You may disagree with this and want to look further into something outside of medical knowledge.

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms you may have a negative spiritual attachment:

-Unexplained Depression or Sadness

-Unexplained Physical Ailments

-Feeling Something Isn't Right

-Feeling Angst and Irritable

-You Are Easily Tempted by Crime and Doing Wrong

-You Are Easily Influenced by The Dark Side

-You Are Continually Exhausted

-Lack Of Energy and Lust for Life

-Lack of Purpose and Identity

-Resisting Achievable Goals


A sonic seance is an individual seance using sound, vibration and frequency. It is not recommended that you use a ouija board as you are opening doorways for these entities to enter your realm and penetrate a living energetic being for their sustenance.

Pure crystalized singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowls, with bells and shakers are most effective in this banishing process, especially singing bowls that are pure alchemy crystal. As these bowls are made from pure natural crystals, they emit frequencies that are wholly divine. It can however be really difficult and very expensive finding these bowls that are at the right frequency for this purpose. The next best thing is to use pure simple digital tones such as sine or square sound waves. These can then easily be manipulated into the right frequency for the job.

There are many ways in sound healing to achieve entity detachment, but we prefer to use light codes. Frequencies that have been sent to us through light language messages to tackle the problem. We find these frequencies to be the most potent:






Of course the lower end and higher end frequencies are inaudible to human beings but are particular useful for demonic removal.

So if you feel like this could a problem in your life try our Sonic Seance Sound Healing Session. Specifically created for negative attachment removal as well as a psychic protection shield too strengthen positive energies so that you have a chance to shine rather than wither.

You can also buy the full album here with no loss of frequencies:

Spellbreaker Binaural Beats Compilation

*Includes Sonic Seance | Banish Disturbed Souls & Send Them Back To Their Realm

In Loving Resonance

Sound Energy Alchemist



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